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Create unlimited staff (appoint administrators, moderators, and various types of user groups). Not a free trial, but forever free. Supports unlimited posts, topics, boards. Includes an advanced permission system to control permissions by member groups. ![]( Equipped with a simplified Control panel admin page so that it can load very quickly so it's easy to do basic settings options such as choosing a theme, creating a category title, topic title, etc. Source: [Free Forum Website Features](

Free to Create a Forum
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    Guide how to create a professional website forum for free with the IDSosial create free website forum service.

    You can use their Free Sub Domain names or (where you can still use your custom domain name without having to pay a monthly fee). Their service is 100% free since 2017 till date.

    After creating, then you are as an admin of your web forum, allowed to use your own custom domain (yourdomain dot com or sub . yourdomain dot com), and make posts using your language (unlimited post/topic/category), and 100% free forever.

    Discuss here, if you find problems in creating your free forum !

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