Just by checking https://lemmy.ml/communities one can see the most popular communities of lemmy.ml. The plan here is to list all the alternatives for those from other instances. One can also suggest alternatives to be added here and I update this living document.

Why can’t I follow @privacy@lemmygrad.ml and @privacy@wolfballs.com from my instance from? The other two worked…

Cold Hotman

deleted by creator

aaaah… Thank you very much! Now I see.

So it’s not forbidden - or let’s say frowned upon - to make an account on each instance?

Cold Hotman

deleted by creator

I personally prefer a single account on an instance that doesn’t pre-emptively block others, since the whole point of federation for me is to be able to access anything from anywhere with just one account.

good point. I see it the same way.

Do you know an instance that is perfectly made for this - not blocking anyone at all?

Pretty sure we’re not doing lemmgygrad since it’s the problems of lemmy.ml x10 and wolfballs is far right


Dude I Can’t get in to wolf balls I’ve tried but I never receive the email verification

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Community for all jibber-jabber. As this is a hard-coded community for every instance, we may get this doing something useful.

Meta-discussion regarding the instance !meta@sopuli.xyz

Yhteisö kaikenlaiselle pälätykselle. Koska tämä on kovakoodattu yhteisö jokaiselle instanssille, voimme tehdä tällä ehkä jotain hyödyllistä.

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