Student loan forgiveness applications now formally open, Biden says | CNN Politics
President Joe Biden on Monday announced the formal launch of the federal application for Americans seeking student loan forgiveness, the latest phase of his plan that is expected to provide debt relief to as many as 43 million borrowers.
Chris Remington

It’s forgiveness and/or relief. My family would have benefited greatly from this. However, and obviously, we did not have this opportunity. It took me 21 years to pay off my student loan debt which was an incredible burden.

Current debt holders should feel incredibly fortunate to have this in their lives.

i worked 8h a day and went to college at nigth. so i don’t even know how these loans works.

how many years would you have saved on payments under this? everyone i talk to doesn’t improve much, which makes me find it’s too much political propaganda to call it forgiveness when they are barely skimming the top.

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