Just by checking https://lemmy.ml/communities one can see the most popular communities of lemmy.ml. The plan here is to list all the alternatives for those from other instances. One can also suggest alternatives to be added here and I update this living document.


Beehaw seems to make a fair bit of effort in providing communities for most common topics and providing content in a non-toxic and non-politically polarized environment. Would recommend alternatives in either of the two recommended instances.

Sopuli's Default Community
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Community for all jibber-jabber. As this is a hard-coded community for every instance, we may get this doing something useful.

Meta-discussion regarding the instance !meta@sopuli.xyz

Yhteisö kaikenlaiselle pälätykselle. Koska tämä on kovakoodattu yhteisö jokaiselle instanssille, voimme tehdä tällä ehkä jotain hyödyllistä.

Instanssia koskeva metakeskustelu !meta@sopuli.xyz

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