Chatbots aren’t new. They’ve existed in some form since as far back as the 1960s. But there’s something special about ChatGPT, the conversational chatbot that’s captivated investors, tech giants and the public since its November debut.

The internet already abounds with ideas for how to put ChatGPT’s human-like dialogue to use, from creating custom chatbots to help fight traffic tickets to creating workout and diet plans.

    • sj_zero
      19 months ago

      There’s definitely things that need to stay human. What a nightmare if customer service lines are replaced with voice recognition and speech synthesis and a perfect corpospeak ai wasting your time, so you hire your own perfect corpospeak ai to talk to theirs… What a dystopian nightmare.

      That being said, I could see it being really useful if guided properly by a human being for certain things. For communication, if you can have the person expressing the message and the ai expanding upon the ideas and the people choosing whether the output is acceptable or not and either changing it or changing the message it’s trying to express you could have people communicating better because the ai can patiently explain basic assumptions over and over again while a human may get frustrated and neglect to do so.