libby scrapes Library Genesis with curl and pup and gives you a list of downloads with fzf. I made this because I felt the alternatives were too slow. Feel free to add issues/feature requests/PRs!

The tool is available on the AUR as libby-git.




sigh GitHub? Of all places to post piracy software…

I just mirror repos I figure might get taken down to my own self hosted git server, then I’ve always got a current backup.

actually, github is better for these kinds of things from my experience, there are so many repos that github is unlikely to notice this, on the other hand it’s easier to be discovered on smaller sites like codeberg and get taken down (happened to me).

This is super awesome! I usually find books to download while I’m on mobile and navigating Libgen that way is quite annoying. CLI is so much easier.


It Microsoft ok with libgen? Any risks of the repo getting taken down?

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