lol imagine thinking it will all be over before next year

I don’t think I was ever told a lot of history that was just 30 years in the past.

I will not lie, these few years, from 2015 Gamergate to Trump to HongKong to Xinjiang to COVID to Ukraine, are one of the most insane years in all of human history, because of the hyper fast digital connectivity humanity has experienced for the first time, and which has also been used to document all this in an information overflow manner.

You know when you learn about the politics of midieval Europe and go “holy shit what a clusterfuck! I can’t believe those monarchs and clergymen were so vile!” Well that’s what future generations will say about most of the world’s governments, especially the West.


At least no one can say that nothing interesting happens!

Pretty exciting tbh

Assuming they’re not dead from climate change

Humanity has survived much worse. Its really nothing to panic about.

“Humanity” “surviving” just means that while the majority of humans may die, we won’t actually go extinct as a species. Not really much of a consolation, and it also doesn’t say anything about how good or terrible the lives of the surviving humans will be. Especially when it was preventable and we collectively had plenty of chances to fix it from the industrial revolution to now.

It wont kill a majority of humanity. I think you are one of those people who finds it easier to imagine the end of the world (through climate change) than to imagine the end of capitalism (through collapse of the US empire). The latter is whats actually happening, but propaganda doesnt want you to know that.

It won’t kill a majority of humanity.

We’re not sure about that. Climate change will make parts of the world unhabitable, and life/survival in the remaining habitable parts will be possible only for the rich.

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