I’m using mldonkey which supports many p2p protocols. For the edonkey protocol it required a server.met.gz file to connect to more servers. Do I need something like that for the rest of the netwroks? overnet, kademlia, bittorrent, opennap, soulseek, gnutella, gnutella2, fasttrack, directconnect, fileTP.


Most decentralized protocol requires something to start from, and those servers are known as a bootstrapping node.

BitTorrent for example, will use router.bittorrent.com:8991 to get the DHT populated, and once you have some nodes you can keep going (without the bootstrap server) from these trusted nodes as long as they keep responding.

If the bootstrap server goes down, then only new nodes will be able to use the DHT, while the current network will remain operational.

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