Resonate – the ethical music streaming co-op
Resonate is a streaming music service cooperative owned by the people that use it – musicians, indie labels, fans + developers. Stream it until you own it.

I discovered Resonate today, immediately became a member and have been discovering lovely new music all evening.

I quit Spotify a few years ago when I realized that most artists get pennies while a few really big names get enormous payouts.

Seeing an artist and user owned streaming service, completely open sourced under GPL 3.0 and with a thriving community where everything is developed in the open – it really made my day.

Yes, their catalogue is still tiny compared to every other streaming service, but the music I have listened to today is of really good quality. I will still listen to and buy music from other services like Bandcamp, but I became a member of Resonate also because I really want such a service to exist and thrive!

What do you think?

A thinking Meat

nice, trying it out now.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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