Hey guys! I hope you can help me out on this like the last time I was looking fir help :)

How do you manage multiple languages of media?

I watch movies in english but my family in german. I can find the movies in 4k in english but with german movies it seems to be a bit tricky. I can find 1080 stuff but not 4k. Do I need to download it, extract the audio stream and append it to the 4k movie or are there better solutions? Maybe indexers/trackers which specialize in german (and english) movies?

And is there an indexer for german audiobooks? I am now active in abtorrents but there are only english books (which is great) and private trackers are beautiful because I can actively see how much I seeded in total.

Some movies I download come with multiple languages but not most.

I think about downloading the english 4k movie and the highest (sound) quality in german. Following is an untested (!) first draft of what I’d do.

ffmpeg -i test.mkv -q:a 0 -map a test.mp3

And then attach the audio stream to the 4k movie

ffmpeg -i input.mkv -i test.mp3 -c copy -map 0:v:0 -map 1:a:0 output.mkv

I assume that there will be problem due to different lengths of movies/ sound streams, etc. But I haven’t tested it. This is hopefully the last method I need to do. But in case I do it (good), where should I upload the torrent files afterwards such that noone has to do it but me?


I personally get the Blu-Ray ISO of the movie containing the languages I want and convert them to the format I want using HandBrake. It’s easier to find what I want this way instead of looking for a premade file.

mkvtools 😉


Jellyfin has an opensubtitles plugin that does a good job of finding subtitles in any given language.

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