Just as the title says: Have you ever clicked on an ad, knowing it was an ad, on purpose? What ad was it? Why did you click it?

Curious because I realized I have not once in my life clicked on an ad shown online on purpose. Accidentally, and being tricked into clicking the wrong thing sure; never with intent though.

  • merari42@lemmy.world
    1 month ago

    There are ads I deliberately searched for like the fun viral music videos by Berlin public transit authorities. There’s even adds I physically ordered per mail. My home state in Germany had an ad-campaign where they printed stickers with “Nice here! But were you ever in Bade -Wurrtemberg?” that you could get per mail. Vandalism got these stickers everywhere and there was even a subreddit about spotting these in weird and faraway places. I also did paste a few in interesting places.