1st place wintermute

2nd; liwott

3rd; straight peach

4th; sexy peach

5th; michael

6th; me

(Sorry about delay, been busy)

Until proven otherwise, wintermute is the strongest chess player on the fediverse :p

I learnt a lot of stuff about running an e-tournament. Biggest factor is needing a lot of substitutes for when people drop out. Which would make the results weird, because say wintermute drops out and I sub in for him, then i’d lose the finals.

combah text, by david revoy the pepper and carrot author

Thank you @NormieGirl@lemmy.perthchat.org for organizing the event!

If there will be a follow-up tournament, I’d be happy helping to set it up! ♘

What, only 4th? I have been cheated of a sure victory. FRAUD, FRAUUUUUD, I’ll leave lemmy forever.

Anyways, it was a whole bunch of fun, thank you so much for organizing it!

Hey! Congrats everybody for making a little bit of history here. I’m glad to be part of it.

New: sub engorgement continues, cross post all creative Original fediverse Content to this sub: use the letters OC in the beginning of the title. Ex, art, poems, OC memes from the latest movies etc.

c/fedizens highlights interesting interactions that span multiple fediverse (+ matrix) platforms AND methods to grow the fediverse (which includes lemmy)

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