i would watch as they air, because i know that if i wait until the series ends i will not bw able to control myself and will stay up late to finish them in one night

Definitely after they end, especially plot-heavy shows. Two reasons for this. If too much time passes between a season finale and he next season, I sometimes have trouble remembering plot points and characters, which makes it harder to follow along. That’s why I prefer to watch entire shows in one go, if feasible.

Second reason is, only a handful of shows know when and how to finish a story. The vast majority of shows seem to have a very interesting premise… and then by season 2 or 3, they completely lose their direction, making the show boring at best and painful to watch at worst. Heck, some even go multiple seasons without anything of note happening. That’s why I like to wait for a show to finish, just to see what the general reaction to the finale is and then start to watch it.

I watch a lot while they air. With sonarr keeping up is easy, they are just there and we watch them when we want. Moreover, I like having episodes dolled out. I can talk about them with family and really consider the show.

The Netflix effect of getting a show all at once is OK. But binging isn’t as satisfying to me

I prefer to wait until the season is (almost) over so I can watch it at my own pace. However, for shows without long plots arching over multiple episodes/seasons like Bob’s Burgers or South Park, I prefer to watch them as they come.

After they end. I don’t like waiting for episode releases and prefer watching at my own pace, so I generally prefer TV shows that have either ended or have several seasons already aired so it’s more likely that by the time I’ve gone through the existing seasons, the show is finally wrapping up.

For example, Bob’s Burgers. The site I use has a freeleach megapack from seasons 1-8, plus individual freeleach seasons for 9, 10, and 11. The show has been renewed for a 12th season, but having 11 seasons already available means I’ve gone loads of episodes to watch/re-watch before I feel a need to download the 12th season when it’s available in full.

I prefer my content organized like this

TV shows > [TV Show Title] > Season 1, Season 2, etc.

Because I structure my drive to be as easily shareable with people I know, I generally prefer to only have TV shows on there that have ended so that I know people are getting the full package. But there’s always exceptions like Bob’s Burgers just because the show is so damn funny.

You are kind. My shared media is only recent seasons to manage storage. I will get a back episodes of someone asks but once they are done I abandon them again

That said I always seed to three 🌱🌱🌱

For me, half the enjoyment of piracy is seeding and sharing via USB file transfer. The vast majority of my storage on my external hard drive is pirated educational material that I can share with anyone who wants to watch free, high quality educational lectures on damn near any subject.

My approach to piracy has really shifted compared to how I used to pirate back in the day (2007-ish).

please tell me more about the ed lectures you have. I get some stuff off udemy using udeller (https://github.com/ZeoRexDevs/Udeler_GUI) for family and friends, but i’m always looking for more sources of ed. A lot of trackers have content but it isn’t easy to suss out what is quality

I have the following

  • every single playlist/video from Khan Academy (in their corresponding folders)

  • every single playlist/video from Khan Academy Medical (in their corresponding folders)

  • several Anki decks (for various medical fields and general purpose knowledge, i.e. the UltraZanki deck, Anki Ultimate Everything v.1.1, Ultimate Geography and Countries of the World)

  • every single video from AnKing (Anki YouTuber, his channel is for medical students but is extremely useful for anyone using Anki)

  • Anki’s PDF manual (so anyone who gets a copy of my data can learn what Anki is and how to use it)

  • Anki installer

  • 124 courses from The Great Courses on history (1.3 TB)

  • 51 courses from The Great Courses on Hobby and Leisure (411 GB)

  • 1 course from The Great Courses on Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry (I’m trying to find a full pack for the mathematics courses)

  • 106 courses from The Great Courses on science (1.3 TB)

  • Several assorted MIT OpenCourseWare videos on effective teaching methods for science and engineering (I find their overall OpenCourseWare to be disappointingly lacking and far from comprehensive)

  • All videos by Dr. Alok Kanojia (Dr. K on YouTube) on ADHD and meditation

  • All videos by Dr. Justin Sung (Dr. Sung on YouTube) on studying (there’s no perfect method of studying but I believe it is helpful to have a variety of study resources on my megadrive because different people learn in different ways and that’s okay)

I’m not a wizard at youtube-dlp like some people, so I had to go through the agonizing process of opening a million instance of command prompt and type in “yt-dlp [youtube playlist link]” for every single playlist in the above mentioned list. Khan Academy Medical has so… many… playlists… but every medical student and doctor (GPs and specialist) I’ve talked to said KhanAcademyMedical’s videos are very useful, thus their inclusion on the megadrive.

I’m a former research scientist and while I don’t think The Great Courses can replace a 4 year degree, 2 year masters and X year PhD, I gotta say… their lectures, particularly on science, are a godsend. I think colleges and universities should be ashamed that they don’t offer their students video files of all lectures and PDFs of textbook material. In fact, my experience with The Great Courses lectures have been so good that it’s one of those situations where I can’t help but admit that for $10/mo, Wondrium’s full access package is absolutely worth it because it grants a person access to all of The Great Courses lectures + PDF guidebooks. Of course, I’ll never judge a person for acquiring educational content for free.

In total, I have my 8 TB external drive filled to the brim with educational material, TV shows, movies, documentaries, eBooks, audiobooks, and music. I also have several large packs of assorted newspapers and magazines from around the world.

My goal with my megadrive is to basically have a vast digital resource that can be copied to anyone else either in full, or in segments if they just only want specific courses/movies/TV shows/etc or if their storage capacity just can’t fit everything that’s on my drive.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but I can’t help but think that if short or long term internet outages ever become a thing, I’d like to have a massive library of useful information and enjoyable media to share with media.

Joe Bidet

after, once:

1/ I know it’s over and i can evaluate the time it takes 2/ it has been recommended enough by people i trust, and i checked that the whole is worth watching, not just the few first episodes being great then taking you to an emotional blackmail into watching the mediocre rest that is just milking you…

that way i dont let myself be emotionally manipulated by endless series of cliff-hangers engineered to make people hooked. my time and emotions are not that cheap.

In practice that’s very few series i watch, but ones that were recommended enough that i know i won’t be disappointed; The Wire, Breaking Bad and very very few other exceptions…


Emotional blackmail is real with shows. Well put, you make me feel like a slut the way I throw myself at shows

Edited a spell

Joe Bidet

That’s the bread and butter of industrial scenarists: make the viewer emotionally involved with the characters… then split the elements of each aspect of the story of each character accross episodes, so one episode never resolves everything at once, just one or two elements, and keeps you going with some new one…

That way you use people’s emotion to keep them implicated, and not drop… That’s not how i like to chose what i want to get involved with. I want to be in control, i don’t like to be manipulated in general…

(also if they need these cheap tricks to keep me hooked, it means their series is probably not that great in the first place…)

This is hilarious. You and I think the exact same way when it comes to this. I’m so glad I’m not alone in taking this sort of thing so seriously. I like that you value your emotions and time so much. Some of my friends think I’m nuts for how obsessive I am with my vetting process for what is and isn’t allowed in my mega library but those very same people can’t deny that every single TV series I’ve suggested and shared with them resulted in them watching the whole series and raving about it. The Wire is one of those types of shows, as is Luther (also with Idris Elba).


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