To have a simulation all we need is an emulated brain AI and another AI that recreates the world the emulated brain sees to make the emulated brain believe what it sees is real. This adversarial AIs will be run many times while training.

By the time we manage to simulate a world and everyone on it this kind of single person simulations will have run so many times that the chances that we live in a world simulation or in base reality are minuscule by comparison.

I’m no longer concerned that we are playing full dive vr since that seems more difficult to accomplish than this scenario, and therefore the chances are much smaller. Although I think the chances of it are still higher than world simulation or base reality.

You could think that, just as easily as you could NOT think that. In fact, there’s no reason to discard either option, or any other. For all you know, you could be a tomato that some scientist tricked into believing it exists.

Thus, one doesn’t choose to believe something because it’s possible, but because it’s useful to do so. So we choose to believe the simplest possible hypothesis that explains all the phenomena we care about. “We live in a simulation” is just as plausible as any other idea, but it adds exactly nothing to our understanding of the world around us.

Okay buddy. Now guess what I’m currently thinking? Nope you can’t. This kind of thinking of yours is what leads people to think that being rich doesn’t hurt others. You think, therefore you are the only person in the simulation. But you have no clue how a car works or how exactly to make one. A car is a physical object that another intelligent being made for you. It is not natural so it doesn’t come from the AI that made Venus with no penis. The car was made by different AIs than those who made the container for the milk in your fridge. Sorry you are wrong because I also think, therefore I also am.

I do believe other people are real but this could just mean the AI recreating the world is doing a good job. Thinking you could always tell the difference is like thinking you will always be smarter than AI.

I clicked on this expecting some schizo text or something obviously wrong, but I can’t think of a good refutation. Nice thought!

Edit: You still have to emulate the physics/etc which would take an insane amount of computing power (as per our current theories, it would take a computer the size of the universe to simulate the universe). Also, if it were a simulation, what would stop sentient life from independently forming within it? The conclusion that it’s a “single person simulation” doesn’t really check out

I kind of agree with your 2 last sentences. But you don’t have to simulate the whole universe. You just have to compute an approximation that would be credible to a single subject. And that is a much much much lower bar. You can make gross approximation about the large majority of the universe without the subjetct being able to detect this !

All about Philosophy.

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