I want to have a clearer idea of what features this program could have. Contribute your own ideas.

  • It would allow searching for files and directories.
  • It would allow browsing users shared directories for content discovery.
  • Users could mark other users as ‘favorites’.
  • You add files and they are scanned without hashing so people can download directly from you. After they are scanned they are hashed so that the network has swarming. The more people with a file the faster it downloads. I think this should be optional per folder and activated by default, because hashing too many files takes too long. Someone could want to enable swarming only for certain folders with bigger files.
  • A central server with a collaborative database to track collections, file names, file hashes, file tags, user searches.
  • Content suggestion based on past searches, ratings, interests, etc.
  • User suggestion based on interests.
  • Collections. Users would be able to wishlist a collection instead of searching for individual files. The collection would be downloaded automatically, as the files become available, based on the user preferences, for resolution, bitrate or whatever. Collections would be collaboratively curated like the rest of the database. Users could also wishlist individual files.
  • Monetization. A credit system to reward users who share the best, most popular or rarest files. Users would be able to download a few files per day for free but if they want to download more they need to keep a share ratio of 1 or higher or get a subscription.
  • Users would see the agreed upon name of each file from the database instead of the name other users have given it.
  • Typical search where instead of searching the server you are searching for currently available files and folders. Fuzzy search with advanced options like: exact match, exclude, or, * parameter to match anything. Greater than, less than, or a combination of both for: size, date (age), number of files (in folders), number of seeders.
  • Keep track of when files where shared. Useful to search for new files from a user.

Users could chat with one another. I remember a P2P that you could do that and some international friends being made based on niche interests

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