Internal Documents Show Amazon’s Dystopian System for Tracking Workers Every Minute of Their Shifts
The documents provide new clarity about a much-talked-about but until now opaque process Amazon uses to punish associates it believes are wasting time.

Stuff like this just proves Amazon knows absolutely nothing about automation. If you are trying to treat humans like machines, you’re doing it wrong. You couldn’t be doing it more wrong.

It’s like that everywhere because capitalists don’t have imagination on how to do things differently.

It is generally like that under capitalism because capitalists fall fool to the procrustean fallacy, but it’s especially dumb when automation is brought into it because machines excel at repetition, replication, and precision but humans are worst at these things and it’s completely unnatural. It’s like trying to use a hammer to push in a screw and then yelling at the hammer for ruining the wood.

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