Because no homo

I stand next to other dudes at the urinals and say, “nice dick bro”.


My fellow men, You look beautiful. See, not so hard. 😉

thanks, you too :)

Lowkey good idea; someone make a sub where men can practicing complimenting pics of other men

/r/gaymersgonemild has mastered that me thinks. There is a sexy edge to some of the photos, but most stuff keeps pretty tame.

I get what this meme is trying to say and I appreciate the effort but… In male society at large there are so many unspoken often toxic rules that introducing a small patch on a personal scale just attracts weird looks at best and open verbal / physical hostility at worst.

You might imagine males living in their own isolated Muslim society that has certain customs, laws and moral values. Failing to acknowledge all that just gets you in trouble. Hence suggestion to give compliments to your fellow mates seems ignorant and insincere. Sadly, stuff is not that simple.

I don’t blame the comic for not understanding that though. I welcome any discussion on the topic and wish people can speak up more often to tackle productively many problems within male society.

“That’s a nice shirt” is generally taken as a sincere and high complement. Anything else at all will get funny looks.

!men’s liberation:

I agree with you. On trollxchromosone they titled this “problem solved” but i changed it to “problem solving” to reflect that nuance


Lemmy uses markdown, so if you want to hyperlink, you’re going to have to use the correct syntax.

Here’s a simple cheat sheet to get you started.


Why is it that I type in !sub and it auto completes sometimes, ex: !

But not other times? Ex !men no auto complete option pops up

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