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Honestly, with the right extensions, it can do pretty much anything a streaming box or smart TV can do.

Honestly, as a former Windows user, I’ve been really enjoying Fedora KDE. KDE because it looks and feels a lot like just a cleaner, de-bullshitted Windows 10 or 11, and Fedora because I think it strikes a good balance between stability, up to date software, and a good delection of default packages and community repositories.

Nope! I’ll be keeping my sudo account on there for when I have to do maintenance on the computer and set up a normal user account for them.

Seriously, have her try KDE! It feels a lot like Windows 11 but honestly a lot better than Windows.

I live with them, and I will be keeping all the remote management stuff open from when it was a server, and will essentially be continuing to manage it along with the rest of my servers.

I converted my parents to Linux yesterday!
I gave them one of my micro office PCs I was using as a server as our living room home theatre PC, because the previous one was Windows Vista which is absolutely not safe to be running connected to the internet anymore, and the new computer (hopefully) managed to get them to stop using the apps on the smart TV both due to my privacy concerns and because they are no longer being updated and don't work that great anymore (thanks for no longer supporting your few years old thousand plus dollar TV Samsung, you planned obsolecense assholes!) This is their first Linux computer in a family that has pretty much been exclusively been using Microsoft operating systems really since they got access to computers. So, pretty big deal that I finally convinced them to give Linux a try. It's running Fedora with KDE Plasma. Here's hoping everything goes well.

Damn. Another reason to not to use 'em then

The server side is proprietary? Like, do you mean the snapcraft.io thing or the package server? I thought Snaps worked off the same “alphabetical nested folder being hosted as an open directory with a text file for the index” system that most package managers used. In fact isn’t it pretty easy to go into the client and change where it downloads packages from?

I consider Pop OS the de-bullshitted version of Ubuntu.

Biggest issue: Free and nonfree packages in the same repository. If you’re on the command line, you have no idea which is which. Goes against the principles of free software. For me to even consider using a package manager it better not have nonfree packages by default, you should need to issue a command to activate a completely separate nonfree repository (so I can avoid that command like the plague), you know, like how apt, dnf, pacman etc do it?

Non ten-exponent numbers is way more common than you think.

In India, you get the lakh (hundred thousand or 1,00,000), and the crore (ten million or 1,00,00,000), and so on.

In Chinese, you have one, ten, hundred, thousand. Then wan (ten thousand), ten wan (hundred thousand), hundred wan (million), thousand wan (ten million). Then, you don’t get wan wan (hundred million), you get a new word, yi, then ten yi, hundred yi, so on until you get another new word for yi yi, and so on. Basically, the system is that you can multiply any magnitude word by any magnitude word smaller than it, but once you get to what would have been the magnitude word multiplied by itself, it’s time for a new word. Actually a pretty cool system, coming from a Chinese speaker, but it means it takes me a minute to translate between Chinese and English numbers.

Apparently, there are actual humans with the name “Abcde” and “Nevaeh” (heaven backwards), or straight up “Heaven” and other random nouns.

Like, do you hate your kids?

I love how their entire argument is that they don’t trust the author of this extension. Meanwhile, it’s open source and the codebase is small. Also, Firefox tells you the permissions it uses, which in reality means the extension specifically requests those permissions and has access to nothing it doesn’t list, so unless you also don’t trust Firefox, what’s the problem?

Favourite part is when they want 10 years of experience coding in a 5 year old programming language or framework.

And no that’s not just a meme. This actually happens!

Quiet, before Elon Musk hears you!

It's bullshit that they're getting away with this. A settle out of court is as good as nothing as far as legal punishments are concerned.

Live, Laugh, Battlestar Galactica


Planning and giving a shit about the actual people.

Also, “get out of there” perfectly sums up our attitudes toward mental health. “You’re depressed? Just cheer up!” “You’re anxious? Just relax!”

Tons of nonprofits give extremely little of their donation revenue to the actual claimed cause while their execs get fat paychecks. For these non-nonprofits, tracking people is right up their alley.

You should nope out of any encounter with anything with glowing eyes, IMO.

Is there an automatic instance redirector for alternative clients?
Just wondering: is there a service where you can replace the domain of a YouTube URL with, that will automatically redirect you to a random, well-running Invidious or Piped instance? That way we automatically spread out the load to more instances. Same question for other Alternative Client projects like Nitter for Twitter, Teddit & Libreddit for Reddit, ScribeRip for Medium, etc? Example: I want to be able to take https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ and turn it into something like https://altclient.to/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ and then have that URL redirect to any one of the popular Invidious or Piped clients, like https://yewtu.be/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ or https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ​ I'm aware of LibRedirect, but it's a browser extension for a single user. I want to be able to post a URL, say on Lemmy, and have it auto-redirect to a random instance for everyone that clicks in it. My main goal is to help balance out the load on all the instances so the most popular one isn't just swamped with requests while all the others are basically never used. If there isn't, I might just build it. Shouldn't be too hard.

Virgin capitalist intellectual “property” buyer vs…

I love William Osman’s stupid projects!

Not sure if Signal does this, but most websites will automatically look up the phone number registration, see that it’s from one of those companies, and reject it.

Probably referring to that it’s harder for scammers to create scam accounts because they need to verify the phone number is actually theirs before the account can send messages. IMO, still not worth requiring a phone number for the 90% of legitimate users.

How else are they going to track you?

No, seriously. Even if the messages are encrypted, the metadata including your account info and the account info of everyone you talk to are not. In a lot of these cases, they don’t have to have the actual contents of the messages to have a pretty clear picture of what you might be talking about!

With a phone number that’s almost certainly registered to your real identity, it makes it trivial to track what you as a person is doing even without breaking the encryption! An encrypted messenger that requires anything related to your real identity to get an account is security theatre.

For example: if you suddenly start messaging back and fourth with an account, and that account happens to have the same phone number as the one on the business card and website of an out of state abortion clinic worker, and your own phone number’s area code just so happens to fall in a state that banned abortions after Roe v Wade got trashed, it juuuust might imply a few things about you. They can’t definitively prove what the messages were, but if your state criminalizes any and all attempts to get an abortion anywhere, it’s probably enough to get a warrant against you.

Well, there are zip tie release tools that let you reuse or loosen them. I think zipties are the standard because they won’t release accidentally from being jostled.

The communism vs libertarianism of decentralised internet.

Maybe the coaxial cables for external antennas?

Source: https://autonomous.zone/@dantescanline/108735842421362460

Reminder: Engaging in political debates is encouraged, insulting and attacking other users is not.
Insulting or attacking other users, even so much saying "fuck you", "fuck [this group of people]", "you're an idiot" or anything like that while debating IS against the rules of Lemmy.ml. This goes for every political view, you DO NOT get free passes no matter if you're leftist, rightist, communist, anarchist, liberal, etc. If you're confident of your position you should be able to debate in a civil manner without cursing someone else out. I understand that debates can get heated and frustrating, hell I've debated with a good bunch of users, but you can still express that without resorting to name calling or insults. Check the modlog, we HAVE removed replies of this nature from every political view, and even if we don't say it every time, we DO keep track of both removals per user and general behaviour even if it doesn't get removed, and too many infractions WILL result in a ban. That said, it is NOT against the rules to present countering facts or opinions, or to have political opinions in general. Don't report comments for "being pro communist" or "being pro China" unless they have broken an actual rule, namely the ones about being civil. Don't attack or insult people from Lemmygrad just because they're from Lemmygrad or they're arguing for Marxism-Leninism or supporting a country you don't. If they're presenting their points in a civil manner (which had been the case for almost everyone from Lemmygrad), you can either read it and respond in kind with your questions or counterpoints, or just move on. People coming over from other instances is not brigading if they're mostly being civil, that's the whole point of federation. Things people disagree with getting down voted is also acceptable, it's not considered an attack on you if your comment has a negative score, and it doesn't even significantly affect the ranking because of the relatively low comment volumes currently on Lemmy. It's just imaginary internet points, relax.

Favourite Parks and Rec scene:

“Oh my god I’m so hung over, I’ve never been this hung over!”

“Well I feel fine, I ran five K this morning!”


“No I threw up in a jar.”

Most of the newer Lemmygrad users are specifically from the /r/Genzedong ban. From what I’ve seen, most general new users are still a lot more likely to choose .ml or a local instance in their language. Speaking as both an admin of .ml and a Lemmygrad user, I think the perception of Lemmygrad being the “preferred” instance for new users over all other instances is bias due to the short term influx of new users over there, by people who have reason to only choose that one instance, because it’s meant to replace an existing community that was lost.

How all chatbots should be programmed.

if (facebookBad) { return true; }

Source: https://merveilles.town/@winduptoy/108773751896170749

There’s a very specific energy about the size comparison pictures of porpoises on Wikipedia.
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/8be5f023-7a21-4bdf-83c1-426f8bb6e9d7.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/7fc40f10-0491-4a7d-a83b-5f4dc4884db4.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/6795ad19-2d97-496c-9b0c-cbd4bf9d0ec3.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/8e79a9fa-3f5a-4f33-a1d8-3c6b8c876ce8.jpeg) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/79a65359-242b-4522-bdcf-60a14ef09794.jpeg)

I always get up because of her… Track record.

“Modern brutalist websites” is a surprisingly accurate way of putting it!

Web 0.0: No accounts, no logins, just read what they have to say and the leave.

I have a puppy and it’s the same thing! When you suddenly hear paws excitedly rattling on the floor, it means she’s gotten ahold of something knows she’s not supposed to have.