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Scan them and post them in a community like /c/art with an OC tag?

No. I don’t fuck with people on this kind of subject matter ever. I’m also not great at reading implications sometimes.

you misunderstood me, I’m saying it sounds like he got killed by James Bond…

I literally thought this was sarcasm. Like, genuinely didn’t connect that line to a serious statement of “I think he was assassinated”. Maybe don’t reference a movie franchise when expressing that you think a real person was really killed by a real regime? Even if people realize that’s what you’re saying, IMO it’s still in poor taste.

But yes, if your intended context was that you think he was murdered and did not commit suicide, then no it wasn’t victim blaming what you said. My mistake.

No, I was providing more information on why I thought you were victim blaming. I didn’t ask any extra questions, I copied and pasted a quote from you.

Were you not implying that because he knew he could go to jail, he’s somehow foolish for killing himself when that possibility surfaced? A la he should have seen it coming and if he couldn’t deal with it it’s his own fault?

Again, your exact words were:

if you’re so afraid of jail the thought makes you want to kill yourself, you dont do things like hacktivism.

Implying that his literal death was his own fault.

Because that’s victim blaming. It’s not that different logically from “she wore skimpy clothing in a dark alley so it’s her own fault she was assaulted!”

He knew he might go to jail for this, that’s the whole point, if you’re so afraid of jail the thought makes you want to kill yourself, you dont do things like hacktivism.

Way to victim blame someone who was clearly suffering from a collapsing mental health at the hands of the US empire.

TIL pirating some scientific papers from JSTOR (read: not the CIA or anything) is a political crime.

Also, he was caught by the MIT police and regular police. Where the hell did you get secret service from?

What’s the best DVD ripping software for Linux and how the hell do you even get it installed?
I'm looking to make a complete backup of my family's DVD and CD libraries by turning them into plain unencrypted media files that can just be played by whatever software. And I *just might* create torrents for some of the ones that don't already have established highly seeded torrents. Except, I've been trying all day on and off get a DVD ripper *with automatic decryption* set up on my machine and can't figure it out. I use Fedora, and none of the ones I read about are on the standard package manager, probably because Fedora doesn't want to get sued. I have tried the source code for the major ones but again, they have next to no official or even unofficial documentation, need dependencies which I can't figure out where to get, or the compile or run crashes with cryptic errors, or errors out when . Web searching has been less than helpful with any of these problems. Has anyone here gotten a decrypting DVD ripper working on Linux? Can you share what steps you took, or what documentation/tutorial you followed? I really don't want to have to use Windows or proprietary software for this, because for the former, it's... Windows, and for the latter, I don't trust it because piracy software can be shady AF.

Honestly, I hadn’t thought of this. I was and still am pretty happy that the Fediverse is getting more and more traction, but this is a very good point. It’s like the digital version of gentrification.

Especially since Twitter’s userbase has a lot of problems and bad tendencies that we absolutely need to nip in the bud if they start showing up here. Same with people migrating to Lemmy from Reddit.

Five years in prison for first time offense? For copyright infringement?! Jesus Christ dude literal treason by politicians and police murders have lighter sentences even when they’re convicted. What kind of hellhole is the US even?

YouTube videos mostly. No joke, I’ll hear a background or intro/outro song I like and look it up.

Also, when out in public listening to the radio in shops and restaurants and stuff.

Also also, video game OST’s. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon has some banger music, as do many other games.

Intel integrated GPUs are supported by Linux mainline drivers as far as I know, so it should work out of the box. H.264 encoding should also work by default too, though with anything Linux your mileage may vary and depends on what software you use.

Both Dell and Lenovo are great about supporting Linux on their professional machines so it should be fine. I’ve personally never run into windows-only driver BS on either.

Shop around for certified refurbished business computers like Optiplexes or ThinkCentres. The Ivy Bridge-Haswell generations seem to be the price to performance sweet spot right now.

For that price you can probably get a used Dell or Lenovo with the same computing power for less or a lot more power for not that much more, plus expansion slots, non-soldered CPU, and an actual case with hard drive mounts. It’s a standard x86 CPU so your options are wide open.

Shame they’ve given up on making boards with Exynos processors like the HC2. That was actually a really unique thing about them, having an SBC with a proper smartphone ARM chip, complete with package-on-package memory and heterogeneous high and low power cores, energy efficiency optimised to within an inch of its life, as opposed to an underpowered chip relegated to being only for SBCs. Wished they’d (or another company) kept making boards with the actually up to date mobile chips from Exynos, Qualcomm, MediaTek, HiSilicon, etc. I’d buy that.

From the blood of the rich right?

English is the worst language: An anthology.
![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![](

Or, you know, the extremely well studied and documented fact that living with an animal is beneficial to one’s mood and mental health?

The airport is in Canada (YVR in Vancouver). It’s definitely a dig at “lol Americans fat”.

The bowl is either empty or pre-empty.

Have they realized that they’ve been pushing pro Ukraine Russophobic videos since literally the first day the war started?

“Project managers think 9 women can gestitate a baby in one month”

Individual pictures: ![]( ![]( ![]( By [Gary Bembridge]( and licensed under the [Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license]( Sources:,_Svalbard,_Arctic_(20095874740).jpg,_Svalbard,_Arctic_(19661233784).jpg,_Svalbard,_Arctic_(20095876530).jpg

Ads load faster with almost no buffering/stuttering while the actual video’s network connection is trash.

I never use the YouTube app (I use NewPipe), but even the YouTube website does this.

The threats against US big tech by the EU has always been teethless posturing. Nothing more. They will never actually ban one of them, I’ll eat these words if they do.

Anyone else feel that the ads load way faster with less buffering than the actual videos?

“If the sausage was not for me, then why did you put it in my territory?”

And they wonder why the average American is dumber than the global average.

We’re honestly just bigger cats with more complicated emotions… and debt.

Also, it’s not even that I’m mad that you stole my food, my main issue is that I’m over here trying to give you a healthy life and you keep eating stuff that’s very explicitly bad for you!

Look, I know kibble doesn’t taste as good, but you’ll thank me when you don’t start suffering from all kinds of health problems at half your normal lifespan!

And they give you that “what? It wasn’t me, I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Face when you confront them.

How the hell are animals so expressive when you accuse them of wrongdoing is beyond me.

Debunking the misinfo around water fluoridation:

Yes water is fluoridated. No it’s not harming you.

I live in BC, Canada, and I definitely taste a small chlorine hint in my tap water.

It’s a standard disinfection chemical that prevents bacteria from growing in the pipes? Pretty much all tap water have it. Bacteria in the drinking water is way worse than a miniscule amount of chlorine, just ask 18th century London.

Correct. It’s mostly the dissolved minerals that give water its flavour. For tap water, the disinfection chemicals (namely chlorine) also contribute to the taste, with some people saying they associate it with being refreshing while other people claiming it to have an off taste (either way the tiny amount of chlorine is perfectly safe in case anyone is worried).