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I used to do that until I was told that there is no limit in library genesis but the same amount of books.

Is there a torrent with all fiction books in libgen?
So I don't have to download each book when I want it, I would like to download everything as I've seen it's 2.7 TiB from the total of 121.2 TiB: [Size of Libgen, March 2021: 121.2 TiB](https://libreddit.esmailelbob.xyz/r/libgen/comments/qmgif6/size_of_libgen_march_2021_1212_tb/)


1.7 TB, 766 files, 2022/07 - IMDb.2019.07.29.Top.250.BluRay.1080p.x265.10bit.MNHD-FRDS - 96f07df36eb9c43bb0ad1386c97e57cded1edfe2

Do all p2p protocols require a list of addresses to connect to more peers? Where to find them?
I'm using mldonkey which supports many p2p protocols. For the edonkey protocol it required a `server.met.gz` file to connect to more servers. Do I need something like that for the rest of the netwroks? overnet, kademlia, bittorrent, opennap, soulseek, gnutella, gnutella2, fasttrack, directconnect, fileTP.

libby: a simple CLI tool to quickly download books from libgen (Library Genesis)
libby scrapes Library Genesis with curl and pup and gives you a list of downloads with fzf. I made this because I felt the alternatives were too slow. Feel free to add issues/feature requests/PRs! The tool is available on the AUR as libby-git. [GitHub](https://github.com/carterprince/libby) [Source](https://github.com/carterprince/libby/blob/main/libby)

**Mirrors** - pilimi.org - 2urmf2mk2dhmz4km522u4yfy2ynbzkbejf2cvmpcbzhpffvcuksrz6ad.onion **Contact** - [Twitter](https://nitter.privacy.com.de/pilimi_anna) - [Reddit](https://libreddit.pussthecat.org/user/pilimi_anna) **Donations** - BTC: bc1qgn7h75qx42lgzcaxeqyfahxkzqzfuhdk9la7st > This project aims to contribute to the preservation and libration of human knowledge. We make our small and humble contribution, in the footsteps of the greats before us. > > The focus of this project is illustrated by its name: > - Pirate - We deliberately violate the copyright law in most countries. This allows us to do something that legal entities cannot do: making sure books are mirrored far and wide. > - Library - Like most libraries, we focus primarily on written materials like books. We might expand into other types of media in the future. > - Mirror - We are strictly a mirror of existing libraries. We focus on preservation, not on making books easily searchable and downloadable (access) or fostering a big community of people who contribute new books (sourcing). > > The first library that we have mirrored is Z-Library. This is a popular (and illegal) library. They have taken the Library Genesis collection and made it easily searchable. On top of that, they have become very effective at solliciting new book contributions, by incentivizing contributing users with various perks. They currently do not contribute these new books back to Library Genesis. And unlike Library Genesis, they do not make their collection easily mirrorable, which prevents wide preservation. This is important to their business model, since they charge money for accessing their collection in bulk (more than 10 books per day). > > We do not make moral judgements about charging money for bulk access to an illegal book collection. It is beyond a doubt that the Z-Library has been successful in expanding access to knowledge, and sourcing more books. We are simply here to do our part: ensuring the long-term preservation of this private collection. > > We would like to invite you to help preserve and liberate human knowledge by downloading and seeding our torrents. See the project page for more information about how the data is organized. > > We would also very much invite you to contribute your ideas for which collections to mirror next, and how to go about it. Together we can achieve much. This is but a small contribution among countless others. Thank you, for all that you do. > > Anna and the Pirate Library Mirror team

MLDonkey but it’s too old. I’m rewritting envy on rust to be able to run it on linux without wine, but I’m just beginning https://git.disroot.org/hirrolot19/Jedi_Archives

I still would need a way to figure out if the file corresponds to the torrent one. There may be different files with the same or similar name. If I don’t get the torrent one I can’t seed it.

Yes this is what I’ll have to end up doing, but then I can’t seed the completed torrent, and there’s probably more people who want to complete it.

I think it’s possible because BitComet, MLDonkey and Shareaza can download files from multiple networks at once even when they use different hashes, but I just don’t know how they manage to do it.

I’ve tried copy and pasting the magnet link from qBittorrent to aMule but it didn’t find anything. Have you tried this before? I just don’t think the edonkey network uses magnet links.

How can I find the equivalent emule hash for a bittorrent file?
I'm downloading a torrent with many files and it's been at 99.7% for a few months. I would like to know how to search on emule for the same files? I've thought maybe I can get the hash for a file in qbittorrent but I couldn't and even if I had it, there isn't a database with all the hashes for a file so I couldn't find the emule hash with the bittorrent one.

Download connection to http://peerates.net/servers.php was lost. How to get more connections on Envy?
On [Envy](https://github.com/GetEnvy/Envy) with the default settings and DC++ connection enabled, I've only got 2 G2 hubs, 3 G1 peers, and 1 DC++ hubs after 30 minutes. Only 6 neighbors in total. Is this normal? How do I get more connections? Specially on eDonkey where it hasn't achieved a single connection. And clicking on `Update eDonkey server list from the web. (.MET file)` gives a `Download connection to http://peerates.net/servers.php was lost` error. Does anyone know a way of editing this `.MET` file manually?

Which file-sharing programs are safe to use without a VPN?
I think for torrent they are a must in most places. I've read many people in the US saying that they've been using SoulSeek without VPN for a long time without trouble. Fopnu works the same so it should be safe too. And MuWire is the same using I2P so it would be the safest but very slow. Tribler uses tor and makes you an exit node and there's people who have gotten in trouble because someone else downloaded child pornography through their network. The thing is I want to share a 50 TB library without VPN and I would like to know in which programs is safer and which ones to avoid. What about DC++, eMule and others you may know? I'm looking only for programs in which it's simple to share the whole library.

Where is the true succesor to eMule?
::: spoiler Where is the true succesor to eMule? Most of you will say that the succesor to eMule is BitTorrent as it is the most widely used P2P network today, but there are some things that BitTorrent lacks and eMule provides. The most notorious for me are the following: Built-in network-wide search Easy sharing Unique links Maybe you don't consider this features important, but the fact is that with the approach BitTorrent takes, we are highly dependent on central points that make the network vulnerable. With BitTorrent we depend on trackers and link listing websites to share content. A torrent client is useless on its own if we don't have a link listing site to get torrents or magnet-links from. On the other side, with the built-in search eMule provides, one can start downloading without the need for a website to take links from. Easy sharing is also very important, because it provides more peers to download files from. This is specially important on rare files, because with torrents the seeds to download a file can become scattered between different torrents and there can be 5 different torrents seeding the same data, yet they don't share peers. It is clear that one torrent with multiple seeds is preferred that multiple torrents with one seed each, for example. When there is one single way to identify a file on the network (like with ed2k hashlinks) even the less tech-savvy users are able to contribute. Sharing on eMule is as simple as dropping the file you want to share on your incoming folder (even if it is not the optimal way to do it). In BitTorrent, you must download an existing torrent file or magnet link, stop the download, replace the half downloaded files with the ones you already had downloaded, making sure that you use the same directory structure and filenames that are defined in the torrent, recheck the torrent and start it, all this in order to share files you had downloaded previously. Tell a noob user to do that to help you download some rare file... And now imagine that you have an entire drive full of sharing material, but the directory structure and filenames differ from the ones used on the torrents (because you like to keep things ordered in your hard drive). This scenario makes it impossible to share those files on the torrent network without creating brand new torrents, so you can't contribute and be one more seed on already existing torrents. Why not use eMule then? Because it's slow, inneficient, and there is practically only one client that is no longer actively developed. Searching for alternatives, the most similar program that has various clients and is multiplatform is Direct Connect, but it is not decentralized, and different servers don't communicate with each other, so peers for the same file are not shared globally and instead are scattered around different hubs Is there really no other program that works the way eMule does? Is there no true spiritual succesor to eMule nowadays? ::: - [Comparison of file-sharing applications](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file-sharing_applications) - [Best p2p network to bulk share stuff?](https://reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/ayo1hu/best_p2p_network_to_bulk_share_stuff/) - [List of P2P protocols](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_P2P_protocols) - [What are your favorite file-sharing applications?](https://lemmy.ml/post/335082) - [Alternatives to soulseek](https://reddit.com/r/musichoarder/comments/plt569/good_alternatives_to_soulseek/) - [How to search and download unpopular and old files on the internet](https://medium.com/@ValdikSS/how-to-search-and-download-unpopular-and-old-files-on-the-internet-e5947ef507ba)

As of now they are. But if someone comes later they can look it up here: https://bitsearch.to/search?q=audiobooks&sort=size


1.55 TB, 1968 files, 2018/10 - Good Old Games (GOG) Colossal Collection - 1,200+ DRM Free Games - October 29th, 2015 - 25fb0fb1598db3c5575268171ca24f5ae92cd0c9
1.22 TB, 52419 files, 2021/02 - Best of the Best Games - 08d0428d5b65c510fa19248e5ab8a48a6098ae08

8376,4 GB - TE_Audiobooks, what does TE mean?

627 GB, 4516 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_A - 9e216d01ed10846301ed41c176621e57729d3ad1
381 GB, 2843 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_B - 3980c4c30757f81954992f18e76a2fdf8bbf495a
623 GB, 4440 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_C - 5b2f578dfaa93d988a9ef263feb9399b7ea666ac
644 GB, 6124 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_D - bfb43875642ec4758fb03e53167c20d0e74a6e4b
327 GB, 2535 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_E - f1c540b0f3500796900f83df07d2243740b06619
110 GB, 760 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_F - 54f9bfe0783a5b0f8724ee77c4670f0ce0a36f0e
259 GB, 1766 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_G - d6c76d8b14db938a21376448cc3512b212550d9b
174 GB, 1261 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_H - 6e26b69556f0987ca5e7b1a65c206398eb17156f
86.7 GB, 548 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_I - 24f2542c2f300c94abb225565fad4494e6931e22
1.14 TB, 8030 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_J - 03be7ddfb6533c3834d82f368c952106cafea2bc
364 GB, 2519 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_K - 1881c3105e4e8b4b77e8d531f57bd0be5081dbd0
520 GB, 4032 files, 2022/02 - TE_Audiobooks_L - 2fab02097faae89c1872c4040438eda130e198a3
681 GB, 4991 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_M - ccc7e69312cb380a7884c085be8efbee06ba97e5
192 GB, 1332 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_N - 86303a6e232ae10c5555bc7b318f7a4bdcb311a1
32.3 GB, 189 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_O - e4cb8cd6e676945502683a3c1608a30f33ceef0a
336 GB, 2259 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_P - eaf35a5a6a9a2c43424b5d8cf833f3e84665282c
8.47 GB, 54 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_Q - c76e902cfbc05592a373f832ffaacd6c3cdef709
517 GB, 3695 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_R - 3a0c180302d1ee0d982c69680b5f09ad7778d858
725 GB, 7290 files, 2020/12 - TE_Audiobooks_S - 8cbcc2eed0e8c67184833e7740bb4a4ffa7fc086
330 GB, 2233 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_T - 82ca2b1758a15b19820675c984328953e20fb813
2.96 GB, 23 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_U - 84e80794875acace7a3d22bbee43770b5b7c4b7f
95.3 GB, 683 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_V - 1a915aedd1d8eb47a7e1a0662f59ab603d57d14f
179 GB, 1117 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_W - 24921dfae4e969713f2f8cfd7e2f8426bbc3fd16
1.46 GB, 28 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_X - 790549f42585427929450cdd8b7b362d589bc6a0
9.21 GB, 69 files, 2022/01 - TE_Audiobooks_Y - a00bfbb67bbf4cce8c143fa3dd10dd70638aee56
11.1 GB, 93 files, 2021/02 - TE_Audiobooks_Z - f974ee84381f7061531f689e5fb9f2bfbc5b67a7

I’ve found bitsearch.to/ which is similar and I really like the interface.

I think I should use the upload date of a torrent to the tracker. Maybe I could use the magnet to scrape that.

I feel like this. If I have to trust that anonaddy is not going to give my ip to some page I may as well trust that same page from the start.

I like to see a series only after they finish but by then they aren’t typically seeded. So I usually download every complete season for every series that I might want to see, just in case. But I only do that now that I can afford the terabytes so for older series I can only download the most popular ones that are still seeded.

I won’t be using any sites that ask for my phone, so hopefully they don’t enforce this.

They will now have to keep data if they want to have a server in india.