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Arguably you could have just reported instead of doing this comment lol.

There probably are many reasons to doubt the likelyhood of using Discord, lol.

Then again, what query would I have to use on Searx (or any other search engine) to find more info whether any official from the Pi Foundation would have made those claims in the first place?

And what are you trying to communicate with that?

I have read some news on it a while ago and I still think everything got a bit overblown. I do not remember at this point ( I got bigger stuff to care about RN, like possibly most of us do right now), but was that officer not even actually hired but rather a community contributor instead? Plus, surveillance does not have to be against citizens but could also be against organised crime rings. I do understand that cops can be proverbial bastards (especially in the US and certain developing nations and dictatorships), but are some activists and netizens not overreacting a bit?

And what is your reply* for kind of comment anyway, after your showcase of maturity (/s) when calling something more akin to a potential (massive) PR blunder, “trolling”.

*Your “have it your way” remark.

Not sure on the veracity of all that, but I doubt that a company (or rather their PR team) would “troll” people.

Most SBCs would be too large to fit inside headphones, lol. And tbh, I do not get the RPI hate that pops up in a lot of places recently.

I am thinking for quite a while now that you should not take that blog too seriously. Not just for still having that typo in “kernel” after all this time, and usually not even really discussing kernels in the first place (afaik). But indeed for things like you mention.

Click on “communities” and then click on “all”. Then search “art” (or similar keywords). Maybe look more carefully in what groups you are posting. You seem to have no idea on what page you are. And please, learn how to put an actual question in the title instead of “help”.

I think Linux Mint with Cinnamon or xfce. Manjaro and Fedora might be just a tad too much.

A more general Linux community than the one on heapoverflow, is on Maybe it is a good idea to add that?

The Lemmy software is still in a not-so-finished state. If you get what I mean.

Besides some already mentioned, I suggest Atomic Frontier.