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Pronouns are whatever. He/She/They… They all work.

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No seriously, Himalayan salt is just. Salt with some impurities in it that make it – Less salt-y.

I am voting for him.

But it’ll be an angry vote.

I sorta understand how americans felt voting for Biden in 2020.

Freeman went into a massive career shift after the Half Life games ended…

You are not immune to propaganda naked ragebait from assholes who just want to stir shit

The banana: The most ultracapitalistically dictatorial fruit. (taken from a meme page on that other link aggregator site)

You forgot to give the feudal gentleman a deformed chin from generations of inbreeding. But thanks, I shall use this, for like, things.

The internet was a more joyful place when everyone had their own site and forums were little localised communities. Before corporations bought up everything.

But even within the corporate internet there used to be more fun. Tumblr let you fully customise your blog’s look and feel, Youtube used to let you write up your own CSS for your channel. All of that got crushed and homogenised into looking and smelling the same.

The state of the web reflects the world out there <sigh>