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It won’t kill a majority of humanity.

We’re not sure about that. Climate change will make parts of the world unhabitable, and life/survival in the remaining habitable parts will be possible only for the rich.

Agreed, but we can’t have that opinion here in Lemmy. Either we defend China and Russia to death, or we are capitalistic, imperialistic US shills who work for the CIA/NSA.

Most people in Lemmy will deny it and say the researchers were hired by the CIA to lie and disparage The Great Benevolent Nation. Others will be glad that the Great Benevolent Nation has their data.

Edit: downvotes are from people who believe I work for the CIA/NSA.

This is the best analogy to entrepreneurship I’ve seen. It makes absolute sense, and it explains why those few rich kids promoting it make the thing so toxic.

You always make it sound as if NATO was invading countries and violently expanding without anyone’s consent, and Russia was the hero trying to prevent NATO from dominating the world and killing everyone for no reason because they like it so much apparently.

No, countries join the NATO voluntarily. Ukraine is doing it willingly, because they want militar defense from other member countries, and they have the absolute right to do so. Russia didn’t respect that (never has), so Ukraine did what they were supposed to do: defend themselves and protect their sovereignty.

Russia is now using de-nazification as an excuse (of course the literal president isn’t a jew /s), trying to play the hero; but we all know Russia’s sole dictator is out of his mind: he went too far and the whole world is trying to stop him. The world is doing what’s right, Russia is the one who loves war, Russia started this whole thing.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Oh, of course NATO started this war! Russia never did. And 2 + 2 = 5.

Do conspiracy theorists have real arguments other than FUD and delusion?

That’s how the Internet works in self-claimed communist countries.

Something between the lines of Signal being an evil tool from the CIA to overthrow “communist” regimes around the world, because it’s funded by the OTF. It’s all conspiracy theories.

No. Put off your tinfoil hat, you’re safe.

I’m glad the tinfoil hat essays don’t pop up.

We don’t know if downvote was OP’s, and to call downvoting “vote manipulation” ignores the reason why they downvote: because they’re toxic.

You’re an asshole sometimes, and I’ve disagreed with you many times; but that doesn’t mean I will tolerate others harassing you and attacking you publicly this way.