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you ok, mate? didn\t think it would trigger you that much. Sorry, bro, Let’s all have a deep breath and take some break from this spicy convo

Dude, it was supposed to be quick and easy dunk on your xenophobia claim. Do you really want me to bring your attention to the well documented problem of antisemitism in USSR?

If you wanna make your life more miserable just type “antisemitism in USSR” in wikipedia and go hate whoever you usually hate. I want no part in it

For real, man, it’s not Stalin depicted 😐

I mean I’m not gonna rub it all in as I don’t really want to post tons of antisemitic propaganda and stories how Jewish people had to go into hiding from racial prosecution in USSR. If you wanna deny all that, let it be your own burden to carry, I’m done here

What? Stalin as the devil? It’s posters from 1941-42 portraying Jewish as evil. Why do you see every mustache as Stalin’s? Do you have some kinda kink on it or what?

Unpleasant stuff is much less unpleasant over the text

Well, if you’re agree with a statement you simply press upvote and move on, no need to litter the thread with “+1” comments. On the other hand, if the statement is problematic, I do appreciate people to call it out. Especially if I’m not knowledgeable on the topic and can hurt myself following misleading information.

Is that internet culture a problem?

I get what this meme is trying to say and I appreciate the effort but… In male society at large there are so many unspoken often toxic rules that introducing a small patch on a personal scale just attracts weird looks at best and open verbal / physical hostility at worst.

You might imagine males living in their own isolated Muslim society that has certain customs, laws and moral values. Failing to acknowledge all that just gets you in trouble. Hence suggestion to give compliments to your fellow mates seems ignorant and insincere. Sadly, stuff is not that simple.

I don’t blame the comic for not understanding that though. I welcome any discussion on the topic and wish people can speak up more often to tackle productively many problems within male society.

Comic stolen for internet points is definitely capitalism fault as well /s