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  • One thing I don’t get. Among the gazilion “Oh, it is sooo easy to do this better” complainers are countless developers and designers. This whole Mastodon thing is Free Software, where countless people spent some of their free time and energy to give you what there is today. Complainer devs and UX folks, are your PR’s getting rejected?

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    In theory a delightful list could be hosted anywhere. But this hasn’t been tested with Delightful Club website, so I’m not sure it will pick that up as a list. So easiest is to create a repository on Codeberg for the curated list. Then you can set up the list with an existing one as an example e.g. Delightful Creative Tools. There should be a Contents, Maintainers and License section, as well as a contributors.md file. Once the repo is up, I can add to top-level repo and add an entry for the website auto-generation. And handle some small additional things via a repo issue (setting avatar and repo topics).

  • There are a couple of maintainers who signed the open letter, and also Otto Richter of Codeberg. When Gogs was forked, I believe initially the number of people involved in the fork was also very small. But I am fully behind an attempt to try to solve the issues without the need for a fork, and having a Gitea project that can be healthier than before. There is this opportunity for that, as now there’s a much more inclusive open discussion on community issues and project strategy / direction.

  • The question is whether the project should be forked into multiple separate projects at all. An alternative would be to have a generic “Directory Platform” and have modules to make it a Book Review platform, a Movie Database, or whatever-you-wanna-collect platform with another module. The modules would mostly be templates and data structures + user interface widgets to present them nicely.