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  • I can relate to your last paragraph. And all I can suggest is find a hobby that brings the amount and kind of interaction you can stand. It’s ok to try different things. Could be sports, politics, chess, parachuting, boardgames, volunteering at the animal shelter, what ever you like to try. Do it for the thing itself and the interaction will come naturally. And don’t be afraid to try many things. Sometimes hobbies sound better than they actually are, sometimes we lose interest. That’s ok.

    Just get a grip on that „being a dick“ thing when you are overwhelmed and frustrated. Again, I can relate, but it is probably your biggest problem. Try being straightforward with people instead. It is ok to tell people „sorry, my social batteries are drained right now“. Some will not understand, but some will and at least you are giving them a chance at that. If you lash out or just ghost people, it is guaranteed that nobody will understand, and I bet that in itself is another source of frustration.

    Accept that you are not the great extrovert that society (and especially media) seems to put so much value on. And that is ok. There are plenty of people out there who are strong introverts and socially very awkward that find happiness and success at the amount of interaction they find acceptable. They don’t stand out by their very nature, but if you look for them, they are there. And there are plenty of people who appreciate those that are not the loudest blokes at the center of the party.

  • I would get a laptop as well in that situation. Just make sure it is one that supports setting the charging threshold. Having it on all the time will kill the battery quickly if it keeps charging from 95 to 100%. It’s much better to keep it below 80%, which should still give enough “UPS time”.

    The battery will also not electrically protect the motherboard from voltage swings. So get a good power adapter that can handle the voltages.

  • lemmylommy@lemmy.worldtoTechnology@lemmy.worldApple AI vs. Microsoft AI
    1 month ago

    Well. One company stared down the FBI when they wanted assistance unlocking a terrorists phone, because it would weaken security for everyone else.

    The other keeps adding „features“ to my operating system that are designed to siphon data from me, they build at the very least misleading dialogs for those „features“ to trick me into enabling them (not even allowing „no“ as a choice, usually it’s just „yes“ or „not now“) and even when meticulously disabled they have a tendency to magically re-enable themselves after updates.

    Who would you trust more?