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  • I had a conversation with a cryptographer who worked for Wickr he says none of the DoD or other government agents he knew trusted Signal 🤔 - personally I use Signal with my mom or personal friends as like the bottom tier of security, because metadata is a real thing, they don’t have to actually know what you’re talking about. Just using a phone number itself tells you most everything feds need to know if they’re really after you.

    if you actually want privacy use XMPP

  • Westerners love to fantasize about how “China is Collapsing” while their economies are in complete disarray. I’m no defender of their State Capitalist Police State, but China’s definitely doing better than the US is lmao and they certainly are in a better

    Like all this shit about “demographic collapse” is complete bullshit. Isn’t it a good thing that the population of the world’s most populous country is decreasing? Doesn’t that mean more resources to go around? Wouldn’t people in China then enjoy a higher Standard of Living, Cheaper food and Housing? At the very least they’ll be in a better shape to handle the climate catastrophe we’re going into. Something the West is not even trying to address.

    But yeah China is collapsing, okay.