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Yeah, and they get really offended if you tell them that…

Made this with the Stable Diffusion AI “Pikachu as corgie” was the prompt:

“This is when I realized Toxoplasmosis might have a stronger neurological effect on humans after all”


/c/antiwork has entered the chat

Would you like to know more? 😅

Musk even admitted recently that his hyperloop hyping was partially done to derail (no pun intended) the Californian plans for regular high-speed rail.

This only tells us what they do by default and without gag-order. They could still be forced to log specific users and are barred from telling us by legal request.

Furthermore, it is known from Telegram disclosures that the FBI has been approaching staff from messenger companies with the offer of quite a lot of money to act as moles inside these companies.

As long as Signal is a centralized service with servers in the US, neither problem can be solved and that makes Signal inherently unsafe to use.

I was referring to the “no account creation required” and given how other online services seem to be doing fine with accounts I don’t think it is as big of a hurdle as you make it seem.

Of course automatic discovery of accounts based on phone numbers is a different topic, but there are also plenty of people who hate that feature (Telegram has a special feature to not allow that even).

The original argument is that Signal does not want to create a social graph of user accounts on their server and rather rely on the already existing one of the users phone book.

But that is very narrow thinking and ultimately counterproductive as others have pointed out here already.

The problem is not the account, but the mandatory phone number verification.

XMPP with the Android Conversations or BlabberIM client works pretty well as an alternative and uses the same high quality encryption as Signal.

Sure, I understand. However it will be hard to find volunteers helping out if they can’t even understand what is on the website.

On a side-note: https://jix.im/ is a Polish operated free XMPP service that might be willing to put up a virtual host for your domain on their XMPP server.

Hmm, they seem to be very Polish language specific. Might be better to find someone there to help out.

Hmm, the banana might be a bit much, maybe with plantain banana it would be better? But Pineapple & curry sounds like a good mix 😊

Needs a version with “What state planners think a city looks like Vs. what it actually looks like” 🤦‍♂️

Uhm, where did you get that picture of me from? 😱

High speed rail is actually incredibly destructive to normal speed rail and the main reason why most countries lost a good railway network and are left with expensive to operate and use high-speed rail on a few main connections.

My theory why that happens with some ceramics plates is that the glazing is damaged and it got soaked with water.

In Mario it is the same, but in real-life it would be not, as you could try to hold on to something on the wall in the left one. At least that is what our evolution shaped brain thinks.

Crossgeposted von: https://community.nicfab.it/post/6556 > Tech companies could be fined $25 million (£18 million) – or ten percent of their global annual revenue – if they don't build suitable mechanisms to scan for child sex abuse material (CSAM) in end-to-end encrypted messages and an amended UK law is passed. > > The proposed update to the Online Safety bill [PDF], currently working its way through Parliament, states that British and foreign providers of a "regulated user-to-user service" must report any shared child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) content to the country's National Crime Agency.

I wonder what the license of the models is and what possible copyright implication might be when using a generated voice based on game voice actor 🤔

Obviously the gplay version is more convenient and also updated more quickly, however the F-Droid version is compiled by a trustworthy 3rd party, so you can be pretty sure that what you get is really based on the officially available source code and does not include any hidden modifications. Depending on you “paranoia” level that might be relevant to you or not 😅

That is pretty cool, but is there also a selfhostable version with an easy API? Similar to Libre translate.

A system for live translations in chat without depending on external FAANG API would be nice.

Doable with XMPP, but a bit tricky to self host. The Jmp.chat / cheogram service does some of that though.

If their GDPR / cookie dialog is showing the typical dark patterns of trying to get you to consent to data sharing and your ad-blocker blinks like a Xmas tree with all the external JavaScript resources being loaded, you can be pretty sure that this website is actively disregarding your privacy. Sadly this applies to most commercial websites these days.

Havn’t had any issues with Manjaro for years and it is still a much nicer out of the box experience than any Arch installer provides.

For gaming a bleeding edge rolling distro like Manjaro is slightly better, otherwise Fedora is a solid choice.

Pretty cool, but posted in the wrong community?

Your Skiff Mail account gives you access to the first-ever end-to-end encrypted productivity suite.

CryptPad would very much disagree with that.

Dunno, hard to say if this Skiff thing is good or not, but reading their website raises some red flags… might be just BS marketing though.

I think it does, but not 100% sure.

Yes, but K9 AFAIK only supports IMAP/SMTP, so a lot of SaaS email services (especially those hosted by Microsoft that are used by many companies) will not work with it.

Homebrew server club, a selfhosting from home community
Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/48456 > Also check out their [XMPP MUC](xmpp:hbsc@muc.lurk.org?join).

Witch.solar website
Kinda extreme though 😅

A bit more focus on energy efficient computing at home?
There are already loads of "selfhosted" communities, mostly focusing on software run on VPS. I think it would be nice to have a community here that is focusing a bit more on the [Homebrewserver.club](https://homebrewserver.club/) ethos and cool stuff like [off-grid solar powered websites](https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/2018/09/how-to-build-a-lowtech-website.html).

A SolarPunk manifesto
Crossgeposted von: https://lemmy.ml/post/57382 > A Solarpunk Manifesto (CC-by-SA) > > Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art, fashion, and activism that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there?” > > The aesthetics of solarpunk merge the practical with the beautiful, the well-designed with the green and lush, the bright and colorful with the earthy and solid. > > Solarpunk can be utopian, just optimistic, or concerned with the struggles en route to a better world ,  but never dystopian. As our world roils with calamity, we need solutions, not only warnings. > > Solutions to thrive without fossil fuels, to equitably manage real scarcity and share in abundance instead of supporting false scarcity and false abundance, to be kinder to each other and to the planet we share. > > Solarpunk is at once a vision of the future, a thoughtful provocation, a way of living and a set of achievable proposals to get there. > > - We are solarpunks because optimism has been taken away from us and we are trying to take it back. > - We are solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair. > - At its core, Solarpunk is a vision of a future that embodies the best of what humanity can achieve: a post-scarcity, post-hierarchy, post-capitalistic world where humanity sees itself as part of nature and clean energy replaces fossil fuels. > - The “punk” in Solarpunk is about rebellion, counterculture, post-capitalism, decolonialism and enthusiasm. It is about going in a different direction than the mainstream, which is increasingly going in a scary direction. > - Solarpunk is a movement as much as it is a genre: it is not just about the stories, it is also about how we can get there. > - Solarpunk embraces a diversity of tactics: there is no single right way to do solarpunk. Instead, diverse communities from around the world adopt the name and the ideas, and build little nests of self-sustaining revolution. > - Solarpunk provides a valuable new perspective, a paradigm and a vocabulary through which to describe one possible future. Instead of embracing retrofuturism, solarpunk looks completely to the future. Not an alternative future, but a possible future. > - Our futurism is not nihilistic like cyberpunk and it avoids steampunk’s potentially quasi-reactionary tendencies: it is about ingenuity, generativity, independence, and community. > - Solarpunk emphasizes environmental sustainability and social justice. > - Solarpunk is about finding ways to make life more wonderful for us right now, and also for the generations that follow us. > - Our future must involve repurposing and creating new things from what we already have. Imagine “smart cities” being junked in favor of smart citizenry. > - Solarpunk recognizes the historical influence politics and science fiction have had on each other. > - Solarpunk recognizes science fiction as not just entertainment but as a form of activism. > - Solarpunk wants to counter the scenarios of a dying earth, an insuperable gap between rich and poor, and a society controlled by corporations. Not in hundreds of years, but within reach. > - Solarpunk is about youth maker culture, local solutions, local energy grids, ways of creating autonomous functioning systems. It is about loving the world. > - Solarpunk culture includes all cultures, religions, abilities, sexes, genders and sexual identities. > - Solarpunk is the idea of humanity achieving a social evolution that embraces not just mere tolerance, but a more expansive compassion and acceptance. > - The visual aesthetics of Solarpunk are open and evolving. As it stands, it is a mash-up of the following: > - 1800s age-of-sail/frontier living (but with more bicycles) > - Creative reuse of existing infrastructure (sometimes post-apocalyptic, sometimes present-weird) > - Appropriate technology > - Art Nouveau > - Hayao Miyazaki > - Jugaad-style innovation from the non-Western world > - High-tech backends with simple, elegant outputs > - Solarpunk is set in a future built according to principles of New Urbanism or New Pedestrianism and environmental sustainability. > - Solarpunk envisions a built environment creatively adapted for solar gain, amongst other things, using different technologies. The objective is to promote self sufficiency and living within natural limits. > - In Solarpunk we’ve pulled back just in time to stop the slow destruction of our planet. We’ve learned to use science wisely, for the betterment of our life conditions as part of our planet. We’re no longer overlords. We’re caretakers. We’re gardeners. > - Solarpunk: > - is diverse > - has room for spirituality and science to coexist > - is beautiful > - can happen. Now

Firefox Reality was actually always a really interesting project, but flew under the radar at bit. Nice to see someone outside of Mozilla to realize its potential and pick it up as a separate project.

Looks like this is the source-code to the Android app that used to be closed source. Anyone knows when this was made public?

Codeberg.org supports static websites like Github pages
Codeberg is a nice code forge based on Gitea.
Codeberg.org supports static websites like Github pages

OnlyOffice Document server 7.0 released
The [Desktop editors ](https://www.onlyoffice.com/blog/2022/01/onlyoffice-desktop-editors-v7-0/)where also updated. Sadly the mobile apps are still closed source, but overall this is a really nice online office suite with great Nextcloud integration. Yes Collabora Office is also nice, but requires much more server resources and isn't as compatible with MS-Office documents. In the end it depends on your use-case I guess.

You have seriously outdated information about IRC. Nearly all of what you describe can be done with one of the above mentioned clients and a modern IRC daemon like Oragono or a bouncer like ZNC.

What you want is perfectly possible with IRC. There are also nice looking web-clients like Convos or The Lounge that are as user friendly as Discord once they are set up.

Definitly Mumble. Great audio quality and very low resource requirements.

It even has a new very nice web-client these days. Disroot has a test instance.

Also the great Pumble Android client got forked and now it back in active maintenance. It’s called Mumla now, get it via F-droid.

Edit: Guildbit allows you to temporarily set up a Mumble server for free.

Conversations a XMPP client that beats the alternatives
I am really confused why not more people consider switching to the Conversations XMPP client (or the blabber.im fork). It has all the features comparable to WhatsAPP/Telegram/Signal/Matrix etc. but is fully libre, e2ee, decentralized and by far the most privacy preserving. And you can easily use a XMPP Desktop client like Gajim or Dino with the same account. And there are [tens of thousands](https://compliance.conversations.im/) local and non-profit XMPP servers to use and self-hosting a XMPP server for your and your friends & family can be easily done on a RasberryPI from home or really cheap VPS (contrary to Matrix). There is really no comparable alternative out there, so it is really baffling that it gets recommended so rarely.