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K9 and FairEmail are the too recommandation for Android. You can also use the official client of a trusted provider such as TutaNota, PortonMail etc

Is there any cryptocurrency that match with solarpunk ideals ?
I'm a big Monero fan because I love liberty, but Proof of Work use too much electricity. However it's the best for security as for now. I really believe that cryptocurrencies (and blockchain) are good for the future, it meant to empower people, the true people not the banks and big corporation. Obviously nothing went as excpected but we're only at the start of a new financial system. I recently discover [Nano](https://nano.org/), [SolarCoin](https://solarcoin.org/) and other "sustainable" cryptocurrencies. So I thought maybe the future can be good for both world, no need of central banks to hold funds (and invest in fossil fuel, money laundering and wars), individuals and communities could handle their funds, makes transactions without third parties involved, people could heat their houses and mine (or whatever it does) with solar energy, [Solar Optimal mining of XMR](https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/soloptxmr-mj-endor-2022.html) for exemple is a super idea in my opinion. Why not using Wind energy to secure the network, validate the transactions etc... Does anyone already wrote stuff on a perfect cryptocurrency for a solarpunk society ? Also does Nano and SolarCoin looks legit to you are are these just greenwashing shitcoins ?