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1.Quality of life index 2022

South Korea is ranked 46 (Bosnia is ranked 45 and Mexico is ranked 47). For comparison, Japan is ranked 16.

2.Scratching the surface of K-Pop

121,000,000 million unique accounts tweet support for BTS during the billboard music awards in 2018. Twitter had 336 million users at the time. Yet these groups only had 15 million followers.

Even one of the members of the group openly stated I wished we lived in a world where music was listened to honestly.

"Stan culture” is a front for shill accounts and botting activity.

3. The TRUTH about K-Pop

    19 months ago

    Thanks, this is really eye opening, since it is hard anyway to have any negative articles on South Korea in general and Kpop specifically, they have a good SEO in google, and the pages that ranks on top all shed positive light and gives the imagine of perfection.

    There is a video on Youtube that also shows how Kpop companies push 14 yo girls to disobey their parents, from staying awakes all nights making an alt account to pump Youtube view, to stealing money from their parents to buy Kpop albums in which are way more expensive than any other albums