Open Source Surveillance
>Gather Real-Time Intelligence from Social Media, Cameras, Internet of Things, Industrial Control System devices. In addition search Wifi or Bluetooth networks and look for planes, cruises and city traffic

Automatically setup a VPN on your own virtual server

I liked the point of view and feel it has lots of truth in it.

Seems to be an interesting book

Great article on Illuminatus!

Always interesting to see real life design choices.

Seems like sound principles and suggestions

More Memory, More Problems
The single Postgres setting that almost took down our database

>Heidi Siegmund Cuda interviews Pekka Kallioniemi, the Finnish creator of ‘Vatnik Soup’ - a Twitter series and website where he identifies pro-Russian actors and propagandists from around the world

Some books listed

Some review of the changes

Challenges with the traditional network stack Packet flow in the kernel with XDP The mechanics of XDP programs How to build a simple XDP program Conclusion References

About Use any linux distribution inside your terminal. Enable both backward and forward compatibility with software and freedom to use whatever distribution you’re more comfortable with. Mirror available at:

Introduced me to Lima (Lima: Linux virtual machines (on macOS, in most cases))

New talk: Learning DNS in 10 years
By Julia Evans. Nice walkthrough on learning and troubleshooting, using DNS as example.

Ukraine forced to update Himars software after Russia jams rockets
>Ukraine has been forced to update the software on its Himars rockets because Russian forces have learned to jam their GPS guidance systems.

Three New Discordian Related Books – Historia Discordia
> ...the authors of these three titles—Kerry Thornley, James Shelby Downard and Antero Alli—themselves had their own roles, both large or small, in the annals of Discordia.

Russian forces plant explosives in ZNPP’s power unit 4

a bit regards to SNAFU principle.

Even if you are not using AWS - there is a ton of info to learn from.

“Go home before it’s too late”: Czech President leaves message to Russians on military equipment

Nice mentioning of Algis Budrys as well.

Saving for the comparison with the next year

Some books mentioned

Load Balancing
Excellent article on http load balancing by [](

Any resemblance with current affairs? ;)

Some "easy" magick.