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  • And what happens when those foreign workers in Solution #3 age, retire and need pension payouts…? Just keep hiring more and more foreign workers? Besides, “benefits everybody” is only from an national economic perspective. From the cultural, social and personal economic perspective, having a huge influx of foreigners in your country is terrible.

    I don’t think foreign labor is completely off the mark but there has to be guards against them costing more money than they contribute to the system, which means strict culture, skill and income requirements for permanent migration.

  • No, it’s 100% economics. Why do you think that having “careers, lives and travel” (as if having a family is not having a life?) is more appealing to modern first worlders? Because it doesn’t impact their finances severely. Having more children in impoverished countries is a financial gain because children are free labor and lottery tickets to get the entire family out of poverty. In wealthy countries, children are only a financial loss.

  • That’s relieving to hear. I know the backstory of Kbin is that Ernest was originally a Lemmy contributor but he and Lemmy’s devs got into a disagreement about politics, so he went to start his own project instead. There was no communication about the block from Lemmy’s devs for a while so a lot of people, including me, theorized that it was related to the conflict.

  • I have two phones as daily drivers, one Android and one iPhone. Compared to Android, the iPhone is very restrictive and locked down. Adblockers don’t work and you’re forced to use whatever iOS interface it throws at you. Buttons and gestures move around with every update. There’s no way to view and manage internal files, no sideloading, lots of options that are just not accessible to normal users.

    The positive side is that iPhones are very optimized and I can get similar performance to my Android phone despite the iPhone being older and having worse specs. The closed ecosystem also has its benefits, because it makes data very hard to get out, so I use the iPhone as a device to sandbox all the Meta crap that I’m forced to use.

  • And I’m sure it would also be more convenient to have it all under one roof, just like everything about Germany is under feddit.de, and people from elsewhere can still visit if they like.

    I’m trying to advertise my country’s instance, feddit.nu (Sweden). feddit.de got a headstart with Germans by having been created before the Reddit migration and providing the first federated community discovery tool.

    Instances that were created after the migration started on the other hand? It’s frustrating with Redditor behavior, because they expect the Lemmy community to share the same name as the Reddit community (/r/Sweden) and only subscribe to communities that use the same name.

    If you don’t want your lemmy.world feed to be flooded with languages you can’t understand, please make sure to annoy their users about it as much as possible, in English, that they should move to the country-specific instances instead of centralizing on lemmy.world. It’s healthier for the Fediverse in general with everyone on many instances, in the long run.

  • Older than 30 nope, tech enthusiast yes, Linux user sort of, because my self-hosting servers run Linux but my personal daily driver is Windows. Windows native art programs have a lot of responsiveness problems and other random issues when running on Linux, and it’s annoying to have to boot up a separate OS to use specific programs.

    Taking the extremely tech-unsavvy fanartist community as a reference, it’s not that federation and choosing a server is that difficult, that’s just a lame excuse. Their usual social media platforms do UI redesigns, A/B testing and introduce weird limitations all the time. They just learn to cope with it.

    People who don’t care about tech don’t think about the websites they use at all. In their minds, websites are just omnipresent things that exist naturally, like the sun. They only care about whether the website is able to connect them to their friends and showcase their posts to other people. They will only pay attention to the website if it introduces a change that affects their daily usage of it negatively, just like how people don’t consciously think about the sun unless it inconveniences them.

  • I think it’s sad how so many of the comments are sharing strategies about how to game the Youtube algorithm, instead of suggesting ways to avoid interacting with the algorithm at all, and learning to curate content on your own.

    The algorithm doesn’t actually care that it’s promoting right-wing or crazy conspiracy content, it promotes whatever that keeps people’s eyeballs on Youtube. The fact is that this will always be the most enraging content. Using “not interested” and “block this channel” buttons doesn’t make the algorithm stop trying to advertise this content, you’re teaching it to improve its strategy to manipulate you!

    The long-term strategy is to get people away from engagement algorithms. Introduce OP’s mother to a patched Youtube client that blocks ads and algorithmic feeds (Revanced has this). “Youtube with no ads!” is an easy way to convince non-technical people. Help her subscribe to safe channels and monitor what she watches.

  • This one is probably either small enough to fly under Disney’s radar or has already been shut down. Disney successfully copyrighted one Club Penguin revival project for using the art assets and logo, even though the code was completely rewritten. Maybe this is the one?

  • Why do you have to use NGINX? Caddy does the proxying to the Lemmy containers for you. That docker-compose.yml file is my entire deployment, there is no hidden NGINX container or config file that needs to be added. Just remove your broken Lemmy deployment with docker compose down and delete the containers, then docker compose up my docker-compose.yml (after you edit the postgres variables) with config.hjson in the same folder.

  • Oh shit, I forgot that your Caddy would be running on a bridge network by default because mine is on the host network where all ports are already exposed to it! (It’s generally a bad idea to use the host network, so don’t do this if you’re only using Caddy with containers on the same network) I edited the Gist to expose 80 and 443 for HTTP/S on that container, the updated file uses the same Github link. Really sorry about that!