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Or in other words initial LoongArch ISA support landing within the open-source LLVM compiler stack…


KDE 🥺❤️🤗. Looks mega good, love the dark and clean theme…


Weird because Wayland is enabled by default, if Firefox detects that your system is ready…


Slackware 15.0 x86 stable is released

Found no slackware community, so I post it in here, for those who are die-hard slackware fans…


  • Support for running a minimal PipeWire server without a session manager like WirePlumber. The minimal PipeWire server is enough that it can run JACK clients.
  • The maximum buffer size is now configurable and can surpass the previously hard-coded limit of 8192 samples…

This is good news for ultimately getting more Linux games running on native Wayland…


A serious memory corruption vulnerability in polkit (formerly PolicyKit) has finally been discovered after 12+ years. This program is found in essentially all modern Linux distributions. …


Upcoming project which looks promising…


You got busted that you lied. How is that slander if is true.

Why not address this, create another post answer and respond to it. I was not involved in all of this and do not care much about this at all, my opinion on PCIO, GrapheneOS is well-known.

I have not checked all points but OP has some valid points, if you like it or not.

Blocked you know, you can do the same. But do not call me someone who slander others, this is seriously not the case, I at worst mock them, but this is well-known.

That is all I am going to say here.

It is not really slandering. If you check their statements regarding developers, they deserve much worse. If I would leak what they said on Reddit and via Reddit DM, that would be slandering, even if it is true.

Edit… really… 😂


PrivacyClowns are amateurs.

Skip them and follow me, you learn much more within 1 week or money back… kek. I do not censor legit submissions, never have, and never will.

Mirrored your post 🤗.