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  • Like someone has said, we’re in a privacy-oriented sub so it’s natural (expected even) to expect the hate. Edge/MS really is bad in terms of privacy. So I get the hate.

    With that said, privacy concerns aside, I have to agree that its reputation is worse than it really is. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it, but my standard was IE so it wasn’t really saying much lol. It’s getting bad with unnecessary features, though.

    As for being better than FF… well, of course in terms of privacy FF is still better imho. However, I rely on chromium-based browsers for work. Some internal sites I use for work simply don’t play well with FF. I do have Brave, but I sometimes use Edge as well.

    Is there a good chromium browser anyone can recommend? Is Brave the best privacy-wise? Vivaldi?

  • Hi. I’m commenting here because I’m not sure this deserves its own post.

    Lately on reddit, lemmy and kbin have been mentioned more as reddit alternatives. While that may be a good thing (free advertising is good, at least), I’ve seen more than a few people say (unevoqually, imho) that A) lemmy/kbin is bad for privacy and B) they collect data. I’ve read kbin’s privacy policy as well as the devs’ responses on github, but is there any other links I can point them to?

    It’s incredibly frustrating, tbh. It feels like they’re out to discredit lemmy and kbin. I’ve answered a few myself, but there’s much more out there. They don’t even give a reason. They usually just say “lemmy is terrible for privacy” or “lemmy collects your data.” No links, no whatever.

    Edit: my last reddit account is going to seem like a lenny marketer if this doesn’t stop lol.