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  • Social media overall has been a net negative for humanity, IMO.

    I remember a while ago, I caught a video on YouTube of Joe Rogan and someone else discussing all the ‘great’ and ‘wonderful’ opportunities of social media and the Internet that ‘haven’t even begun’ to be explored yet. It was all the usual highfalutin bullshit about modern technology. None of these technologies when they’re first pitched, are ever sold as something that’s going to negatively impact anyone. But in practice after they’ve been rolled out, all the high minded uses of these things, only ever end up being an afterthought and a footnote to their real uses. Mindless consumerism. Social isolation. Destruction of privacy. Degrading communities. That’s the ‘real’ end product of this stuff.

  • That’s why it’s all the more worthwhile to just cut the cord already and jump ship. If you aren’t allowed to state your personal endorsement of something or offer up alternative platforms for discussion, that’s something ‘else’, masquerading as the removal of a spammer. Spamming is in the delivery of the content. Not in proposing something for other people to investigate. I don’t have a problem leaning on the side of censorship on this. Especially if your style of post is similar to what you’ve displayed here on this thread. If not though, then your bad was probably justified.

  • If you really believe that you were banned for promoting Lemmy then you should mention this in your appeal but as others have mentioned it seems like the issue was spam.

    And that’s precisely why the issue is going to be ‘spam’, even when it isn’t. Because if you can’t get away with stating the real reason the ban went into effect, you’re going to do it under the auspice of something that has a degree of plausible deniability. I’m far less willing to give Reddit the charitable benefit of the doubt on this, seeing the shear amount of ridiculous bans that have been given out to people. But who knows, it’s entirely possible it could’ve been spam.

  • Trust me, there will come a day when commercialism finds itself upon Lemmy and makes a tempting pitch to the website administrators, the same as has happened to Reddit. I’m very conservative with the causes I donate to and I understand that people want the freedom, and breath of fresh air that that nostalgia provides. But too many users aren’t willing to pay for it, or expect some other user will front the money. I have no problem regularly donating to fund the upkeep of the site to keep things within the median of expectations, but I hope others would be willing to as well.