Here to try and be social. Very strange as I’m not in real life. A bloke getting on in age, who has been round the block. Mentally, I may be ill, but I’m not as sick as those in charge of us. Let’s laugh, or at least make fun of the idiots. Mostly here for fun, whatever that means?

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  • It’s such a subjective question. As a result, the answers you get will confuse you even more. It really depends on what type of user you are, and what software and hardware you have. Most basic users will notice some graphical changes, but not much else. I am not one of these people and use my desktop for everything from gaming, writing, music, and drawing. I am perfectly happy with 11 over 10. Yes, it has little annoyances, but then every version of Windows does. Those saying version X was great, are simply wearing those rose-tinted glasses. The perfect operating system does not exist, simply because us users are such a varied bunch. So catering to us all at once will create friction and issues.

    The simple answer is, if you’re going to stick with Windows rather than move to Linux, then upgrade. You will have to do it at some point. So long as you don’t do it within the first six months of the new version of Windows being released. Then you will be fine. The later you leave it, the less time you have to become comfortable with it before you ask this question again about the next upgraded version of Windows.

  • Any new platform is going to have a learning curve, some more than others. But it’s going to be as confusing or tricky as you want to make it. If you want to join and read every small detail about the inner workings, that’s fine, but you may find blood leaking from your ears rather quickly. Just jump in, and get involved. That is the best and easiest way to learn. Yes, you may make some mistakes, or have to ask questions. But if people mock you for this, then you know the place you have joined isn’t for you. As it’s full of idiots.

  • The Red Crayola with The Familiar Ugly album, The Parable Of Arable Land is an amazing listen. It’s psychedelic rock experimental style. Coil made the album Musick to Play in the Dark. It’s an electronic, darkly ambient, spoken word piece of music. Colin Locker Kid made the album Empathica, and it’s very hard to label. It has elements of hip-hop and spoken word, but it’s an abstract, collage of an experimental album. No idea if any of them sound interesting? They were the first three to spring to mind.

  • I have loads of albums, and it depends on my mood as to what I think is perfect at a certain time. Some of mine are, and in no particular order;

    Sparks - Kimono In My House
    Bowie - Blackstar
    Bowie - Earthling
    PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
    Pet Shop Boys - Actually
    Blur - Modern Life is Rubbish
    Pixies - Doolittle
    De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising
    Divine Comedy - Casanova
    The Rezillos - I Can’t Stand The Rezillos
    Madness - Keep Moving
    The Beloved - X
    Adam and The Ants - Prince Charming
    The Who - Who Are You
    Lush - Lovelife
    Sleeper - Smart
    Echobelly - Everyone’s Got One
    Pulp - His n’ Hers

    Oh, I will stop, I could go on for ages.

  • Honestly, people, it’s true. I was walking into town, a trip that normally takes me 20 minutes. I decided to test this out, so I started my stopwatch and started thinking gay thoughts. I have no idea what your standard homosexual thinks about, I’m just your normal straight white male. Just attempting to think gay made me walk into town 5 minutes faster.

    I shared these results with my boyfriend when I got back from town, and he was amazed.

  • Reddit has been going downhill for ages. They stopped listening to the users, its customers, years ago. They started becoming more ‘Social’ as they put it. Adding chat features, and other useless features. All the time ignoring important things like stopping spam, decent moderation tools, blocking people, etc… I have been using Old.Reddit with Reddit Enhancement Suite for years to make the site usable. I will miss Reddit, but I have been missing it for quite some time.

    As for people who put effort into apps, subreddits, etc… Yes, it’s a shame, but the internet evolves and moves on. Harsh but true. Hopefully, these people will see a future elsewhere. Because a good portion of those people are talented. Maybe one of them can produce apps for Who knows what they will find to put their energy into, maybe one such person leaving Reddit will create a new social media site we all flock too?

    I will be watching to see what happens. Yes I support those fighting to keep 3rd party access, specially as it means some with certain needs (Like the blind) will have no access at all to Reddit. I also think this shake-up is needed. I will be using the Fediverse.