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I’ve seen what twitter was under this jerk, now it’s all suddenly “i fooled you, I was against censorship the entire time haha”.

No thanks, and I’ll consider anything he funds as toxic.

Why people self host

This isn’t something that has been implemented by Musk but was a remnant of the pervious owners setup. The way the headline is presented is borderline fraudulent.

Also, secret sources? Well my secret source is stronger than your secret source.

You are arguing from a position of objective superiority. I don’t need your certification nor your dismissal of my experiences and I fail to see how we can have a conversation as equals on those terms. Good day to you.

It’s between lemmygrad and places like beehaw, scopuli etc.,

I think a lot of people consider and lemmygrad as two sides of the same coin.

lemmy is only the field of that play.

Could it be due to more and more instances blocking lemmygrad and is basically the only place where users from the wider lemmyverse connect with users from lemmygrad?

there’s like 4-5 people coming here (at lemmygrad they are banned instantly)

With federation, who’s to say that someone comes here or goes there? Isn’t sent to the instances you’ve mentioned?

and flaming with really nasty shit and obvious trolling

In my experience it goes both ways.

Hi, I’m a non-italian speaker who follows your Lemmy communities. Would you consider creating separate communities for English and Italian posts?

Now that made me grumpy. :|

Why should local governments invest in public transportation if Elon is making the Hyperloop?

No hyperloop, no public transit. Better buy a Tesla, you DO want to be environmentally friendly right?

Haha wtf

I guess try to avoid HP printers.

And avoid HP cartridges.

And never use their subscriptions.

And to the same to any other producer that have dystopian business practices.

I’ve run a personal Invidious instance for a while, it’s a great product for sure. Right now my flow is based on RSS which syncs my vids and views across devices, if Invidious and NewPipe get the sync they’ve talked about to work reliably? I’m definitely going back.


Sponsor blocks carry a signal encoded in the video

No. “Users submit when a sponsor happens from the extension, and the extension automatically skips sponsors it knows about.”

through the googlevideoAPI


I’m not discussing with you any more.

How will the filters cut out or skip the part of the video where the host themselves promote a product in the video itself?

I’ve used uBlock Origin for years. That’s the adblocker in-video ads are circumventing.

I’ve used uBlock Origin for years. That’s the adblocker in-video ads are circumventing.

I’ll argue the way of the hammer, it’s the only way to be sure.

Also, please rip out the storage chip to bust it and recycle the rest. Particularly old batteries.

I saw some ads on YouTube a few years ago, they started to do actual segments in the videos themselves to circumvent my ad-blocker. So I installed SponsorBlock.

I haven’t seen ads on YouTube for years.

cross-posted from: > His bail conditions include: > - not using encrypted apps. (Many apps and internet services, like messaging apps, online banking, gaming platforms, and streaming services, are encrypted.) > - has to produce his phone and laptop any time a police officer demands. > - he can only have one phone > - there is a list of 38 people, most of them his friends, that he is not allowed to communicate with. > > “To effectively shut down the right to political communication with these conditions, it seems extreme to me,” > > “They are peacefully protesting. Where is the threat to security?” > > Forcing someone’s personal information open for police surveillance is “an extraordinary step to take.” > > “Encryption is everywhere because it’s a fundamental part of keeping modern communications technology secure and functional,” a spokesperson for Electronic Frontiers Australia said. > > “[That includes] essentially any modern device, including laptops, mobile phones, ATMs, TVs, PlayStations, and government websites such as myGov, Medicare, and Centrelink.”

Everything openly accessible on the internet is subject to scraping. Open groups on Telegram isn’t any different. That’s not spying, IMO…

If someone were to present i.e. chatbots (auto moderators) and promising that it wouldn’t store anything it came across, that’s more like spying. If somebody was able to gleem into closed groups without permission or password, that’s spying.

Reading up on the github, I see nothing shady going on. “Masquerading” as real users, by making real accounts with real phone numbers? That’s real user accounts with fake names. Am I masquerading as a real user on lemmy since I don’t present my account with my real name? No.

I think the programmer is somewhat overselling what this is, it’s a logger and scraper of public information using legit methods. I’d be surprised if what I write now isn’t stored by serveral system, both benign and hostile/exploitative.

Also, don’t use Telegram for real stuff folks, but for other reasons than TGInformer.

AFAIK most European nations chlorinate their water. At least in Norway it’s forbidden to fluoride the water.