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This isn’t something that has been implemented by Musk but was a remnant of the pervious owners setup. The way the headline is presented is borderline fraudulent.

Also, secret sources? Well my secret source is stronger than your secret source.

Sexism is so last millennium. Bankers are bastards no matter the gender.

Yeah, that’s was what I didn’t get. I thought it was a “Pick an instance for creating an account”, not “Pick an instance to view the video” lol. Thanks.

That’s cool, but what does it have to do with self-hosting on a laptop? I don’t get it.

Did you mean to link to an Invidious server overview?

I’m once more reminded about the whole Bitwarden fiasco, where users on other platforms convinced them to leave Lemmy (Sopuli, I think it was) due to the unfortunate reputation of Lemmy as a platform.

It seems to me it’s more attractive to people that the site is privacy friendly and doesn’t censor willy-nilly rather than it being a Lemmy instance. Have you tried repackaging what you sell, it’s obviously not flying off the shelves…

Edit: It doesn’t help with drive-by downvotes without any counter-argument either lol.

It’s just a graphic list of recommended albums within different genres. Starting points. They should be available from the same places you usually get music.

Once I had access to Pandora music. Those were good times. But then they discovered I was a filthy foreigner.

Now it’s more finding lists of recommended artists for genres I’m interested in, narrow down different styles and then just listen to the different recommendations.


I’ve been trying out more secure messengers, and have explored Briar for a bit. Cwtch is new to me. Briar is seemingly designed to facilitate contacts between acquaintances, not for public chat (you can’t search for chat rooms/forums like on XMPP or Matrix). Beyond mutually sharing encryption keys, you have to actively invite your contact to a newly created chatroom or forum. Blog posts are shared automatically between contacts though, but not propagated. There is no decentralization, this means that if you want to host a chatgroum/forum, your phone have to be always on, always accessible, always draining battery through TOR.

There isn’t any multi-device accounts either (and the desktop app is very rudimentary) so no writing longer blogposts or forum messages on a computer with a keyboard. Since there’s no multi-device, I set up a separate phone as a “central” to host group chats (accessible from multi-devices) and acting as a sort of mailbox for content as well. Then set up a home VPN connection so I could forgo the TOR drain between just the two devices.

And at that point I figured out Briar isn’t ready for production use. They need to finish up their android server (mailbox), upgrade the desktop client to support all features Briar advertises and get proper device migration (what to do when upgrading phones? Too bad).

For now I’m testing out Jami, which isn’t focused on hiding metadata but more on the decentralization aspect with their swarm tech.

I have a Pi4 8gb, but if they’re in demand I’ll happily trade it for a more modern SBC with improved specs. 😂

it’s not forbidden - or let’s say frowned upon

Not at all, some people even prefer different accounts to separate what they share with whom.

I personally prefer a single account on an instance that doesn’t pre-emptively block others, since the whole point of federation for me is to be able to access anything from anywhere with just one account.

Your instance,, have chosen to block those instances. You will not be able to participate in the mentioned communites with your current account.

If you want to access those communities you’d either have to create an account with both servers (since they block each other as well) for a total of three accounts. Or you could move to an instance that doesn’t block either instance.

From the frontpage of (and every other lemmy instance):

then you see

The irony is that pissbabies are usually crying because they have an itch they can’t scratch and rely on their parents or guardians to fix shit.

Down with monopolies, no to ultra-power mods and the hidden hand of mass control. I’ve seen how giant social interaction platforms have been abused time and time again to control the minds of people, and limiting the reach of this social mind abuse seems like a good thing.

Unofficial "Welcome to Lemmy!"-page with a BIG list of 280+ communities, sortable by topic and activity
cross-posted from: > NRSK have made an unofficial info page for new and old users alike. > > If you are new, or want to introduce someone to Lemmy, maybe this can be a useful tool? Perhaps you're an old-timer who'll find some interesting new communities to subscribe to? > > If you have any feedback or want to add to the list, drop a comment or post in Right now the list is manually curated, but long term ideas such as direct user submissions is being explored.

cross-posted from: > His bail conditions include: > - not using encrypted apps. (Many apps and internet services, like messaging apps, online banking, gaming platforms, and streaming services, are encrypted.) > - has to produce his phone and laptop any time a police officer demands. > - he can only have one phone > - there is a list of 38 people, most of them his friends, that he is not allowed to communicate with. > > “To effectively shut down the right to political communication with these conditions, it seems extreme to me,” > > “They are peacefully protesting. Where is the threat to security?” > > Forcing someone’s personal information open for police surveillance is “an extraordinary step to take.” > > “Encryption is everywhere because it’s a fundamental part of keeping modern communications technology secure and functional,” a spokesperson for Electronic Frontiers Australia said. > > “[That includes] essentially any modern device, including laptops, mobile phones, ATMs, TVs, PlayStations, and government websites such as myGov, Medicare, and Centrelink.”