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  • I think when if it would have been evacuated in time there would still be news coverage

    People just love reading and therefore clicking stories that tell them that electric cars are bad and they should just continue buying gas powered vehicles instead of considering a change

    Same as with that tanker that burned out on the coast of the Netherlands with some EVs on board

    A lot of stories where covering it in a way that implied the fire was because of those EVs when in the end the level where they were stored was among the very few that was still intact - but that didn’t make the news…

  • I mean the effects of climate engineering as pretty much impossible to predict completely. I’m not sure you can even rule out for sure that it’d effect Africa if they did some climate engineering in Alaska.

    Even if you have most of the factors - with those kinds of things there’s always an off-chance that it interrupt bird migration and that fucks up something else and then suddenly it has an impact on air temperatures and a lot of stuff changes.

    Relying on climate engineering instead of trying to prevent the catastrophe that’s coming is just stupid…

  • Who are those 50.000 that went from green party to afd? What kind of reason could there possibly be for that?

    Also interesting how it’s the same as in the us where the answer to “how’s the country doing economically” vastly depends on your news sources since only a very low amount of people in Germany are out of work, the Dax is hitting multiple records in recent months, the economy is growing, inflation is going down and the unions are achieving raises above the inflation level

    But for some reason all you hear about is the food prizes which actually didn’t increase that much compared to the normal shrinkflation. Or everyone was portraying how there would be disastrous power outages after the switch off of the atomic generators but nothing like that happened. Or how Germany had the lowest inflation amongst most European countries despite having the biggest dependency on russian gas because the political decisions made where actually really on point.

    But for some reason nothing of this is reaching AFD voters so they keep ignorant and think the economy is failing.

    Kind of similar to how regions with the fewest migrants are the most racist since the media has full control over the scare tactics targeted at them without any reality interfering

  • Brain drain finally showing itself

    Most of the creative and ambitious people left the GDR when the wall came down.

    I heard a theory recently from someone that was part of the peaceful revolution in Leipzig and now thinks that many people actually didn’t mind the government telling them what to do and then not really having a choice in the matter and being under constant surveillance as long as they had a decent life. And that the protests in hindsight probably were more about them seeing how much better the life in the west was than about the personal and political freedom since the GDR apparently did a pretty good job to get rid of those concepts (at least for many citizens).

    Now those same people are again voting only for their personal gains and not for freedom for everyone to live however they want as that was never in their interest to begin with

  • The problem is that “both” isn’t a valid option unless a country has unlimited finances.

    Otherwise you have to decide on what’s the most feasible option and then renewables win big time

    I sometimes feel as if the current push for atomic is from the fossil-lobby as they are aware that it either works and they get 10-20 more years to sell oil until the reactors are built - and even if it doesn’t work out it still will slow down rollout of renewables

    If you have 100 billion to spend on energy producing you have to choose if you want to go all-in with one source or split it up which would move the end of fossil fuels Back further

    Not to mention having to buy the radioactive materials from dictatorships and having problems to cool down the reactors with rising temperatures and rivers running dry

    I just don’t see how atomic isn’t a huge gamble that can backfire hard (and I’m not even talking about catastrophic events like Fukushima)

  • Yeah. Hamas is using the citizens of Gaza as human shield from day one. It was impossible to fight this way with 0 casualties. I was only asking how that person imagined an appropriate response if even a single dead person was too much.

    Bibi should be gone today rather than tomorrow - but Israel clearly had a right to respond to what Hamas did and the fact that Hamas was playing dirty all the time makes it impossible to respond in a way that doesn’t cause civil deaths.