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    Kagi did it for me. I set it as default search engine when it was new, and I actually forgot about it. Thats how good it is.

    It’s the same results as Google, just ranked differently so you don’t get all the junk. You will discover lots of new web sites that are quite good.

    Try it!

  • No the fastmail account doesnt know anything about the lemmy.today address, so this could be an issue. And I dont have any DKIM or SFP records in my DNS. I could add that though, maybe thats a good next step?

    But i tried to put the email I log in with as the “noreply” address, and I still dont any emails.

    At least the signup page doesnt freeze up anymore, since it seemingly can talk to the email server, but no emails arrive. I also cant find anything in the logs about errors… i do “docker compose logs -n 100” to get the last 100 rows from each container but no errors there.