Welcome to Lemmy, I'm one of the devs and admins for this instance. Being pro-piracy, and allowing torrent magnet links 🏴‍☠️ , is one of the original reasons I started working on lemmy ( even a lot of the better reddit alts refuse to allow magnet links, or be pirate-friendly). One of the best ways to keep the stream alive, is by decentralizing the ways we find and access content. Torrents do this directly for data, but I hope that lemmy, as a federated reddit alternative, can eventually serve as a platform to aggregate, post, and comment on pirated data in a decentralized way. [More info about Lemmy including docs, how federation works, and a good onboarding site.]( Welcome aboard!

Hi everyone ! I am working on a tool to search through multiple websites at the same time and display the results nicely. It is still under development but a first version is already available and works fine. Please let me know if you have any issue or ideas on how I could improve it ! Preview : The tool :

Can someone please tell me how to get the highest-resolution version of a Getty Image for free?
There are quite a few that I want, but they charge an arm and a leg for them. Can someone please tell me how to get the highest-resolution version of an image for free? Example image (I would want the 5773 x 8660 version):

This may be the canary that shows if reddit has the strength, or not.

How to pirate Videos from any website?
There is an app on android called Video Downloader to pirate videos from websites. Now, it works for almost every website except youtube. The problem with this app is, it has no adblocker and when you visit sites you should not visit without an adblocker, it just rains ads on you. So, is there a website equivalent of this app which can download videos from any website?

Ebook piracy
I'm trying to figure out how 0day ebooks are sourced. To be clear, I'm not talking about release groups like bitbook or libricide but on ddl forums I frequent. Just as an example, this [book on amazon]( has a publication date of March 7th and it's already available on places like avax. I looked into other sources like irc and nothing. They can't be buying out of pocket right?

Goldberg Steam Emulator
Hey guys i'm trying to bypass "The Riftbreaker" with Goldberg Steam Emulator and I've replaced the steam_api64.dll with the original and also edited the steam_appid.txt into "780311" although the dlc has "1945600". When i open the .exe it just opens steam and nothing happens? I don't know if i needed it but also created "generate_interfaces" to create a txt file and added it to the folder. I'm not sure if the game itself has a DRM but also wanted to try: Default save location: C:\Users\<Your username>\AppData\Roaming\Goldberg SteamEmu Saves\ But this folder doesn't exist in Roaming. I read through the readme.txt a couple of times and doesn't like I've missed something, if anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it. Enjoy your weekend!

Looking for torrents related to Red Army Faction
Hello friends. Recently went down a rabbit hole of information about RAF, and would like to watch whatever i can about them. Documentaries, dramas... audiobooks even. Any help/links appreciated.

Does anyone have the full collection of Elvis photos by Alfred Wertheimer in highest possible quality?
Just as the title says. I prefer lossless PNG over lossy JPEG, in order to avoid compression artifacts. Anyone know where to get the full collection for free? I searched the Internet to see if someone else had uploaded them, but only found links to the Getty Images collection.

I’m blown away by my jellyfin, radarr, transmission-openvpn, jackett setup
I originally posted this thread: in relation to getting started acquiring content and I just gotta say damn...this software is incredible.

Jellyfin deleting files??
I noticed a movie that I never downloaded somehow showed up in Jellyfin. I searched for the file and couldn't find it anywhere so I clicked remove media and it deleted every movie I had downloaded. I was luckily able to recover everything but I'm kind of shaken. It deleted the entire movies folder I had.

Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy. By Martin Paul Eve (open access)
**[When most people think of piracy, they think of Bittorrent and The Pirate Bay. These public manifestations of piracy, though, conceal an elite worldwide, underground, organized network of pirate groups who specialize in obtaining media – music, videos, games, and software – before their official sale date and then racing against one another to release the material for free.](** [@piracy]( **Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy** is the first scholarly research book about this underground subculture, which began life in the pre-internet era Bulletin Board Systems and moved to internet File Transfer Protocol servers (“topsites”) in the mid- to late-1990s. The “Scene,” as it is known, is highly illegal in almost every aspect of its operations. The term “Warez” itself refers to pirated media, a derivative of “software.” Taking a deep dive in the documentary evidence produced by the Scene itself, Warez describes the operations and infrastructures an underground culture with its own norms and rules of participation, its own forms of sociality, and its own artistic forms. Even though forms of digital piracy are often framed within ideological terms of equal access to knowledge and culture, Eve uncovers in the Warez Scene a culture of competitive ranking and one-upmanship that is at odds with the often communalist interpretations of piracy. […](

cross-posted from: > I would paste the actual content of the post here but it would probably get me banned from the instance, even with the slur filters (cringe). > > Anyway. I didn't know who this cracker was before the mastodon spam post here and I've since done a bit of research. This was a recent post by whoever empress is, apparently they are seething all over reddit and it has spilled in this direction. She also really hates fitgirl, someone we all know and love.

looking for victoria 3 1.2 for windows
i looked on the 1337, but i only found a linux version, should i wait or are there some already updated versions up there?

What’s wrong with Suprbay?
I haven't been able to access it for days. Anyone know when it'll be back up, or what's causing the issue? Update 02/27/23: Still down with the same message (connection timeout).

Tutorial: Avoiding copyright trolls by encoding your links as numbers.
Reposted from r/piracy, in case the subreddit gets taken down: This could be useful for those who want to share content - legal or illegal - but don't want links to be taken down. NOTE: I don't run any of these websites, nor do I develop any of the tools mentioned. I just found them through web searches. This is based on what Phil Carmody did with DeCSS (i.e. finding a 1401-digit prime based on said software). To encode: 1. Convert the link (or file) from ASCII to HEX by pasting (or loading) it into a HEX editor's "Decoded text" field (I use HxD for this step). 2. Copy the HEX values to clipboard. 3. Go to [this page](, paste the number into the "Enter a big number" field, and select "Hexadecimal" and "Decimal" from the 2 drop-down boxes directly beneath it. Hit convert. 4. Copy the resulting number to the clipboard. 5. Go to FactorDB, paste the resulting number into the text field, and hit Enter. 6. Where it says "status (?) digits number", right-click on the link under "number" and click "Copy link location" (or equivalent function). 7. Paste the link into a text document, and copy the ID (the number at the end of the link, usually 19 digits and starting with 1100000...). 8. Paste the ID wherever you want, except r/piracy. To decode: 1. Paste the resulting ID after "http:// www dot factordb dot com/index dot php?id=", or multiply the prime factors given. 2. Go to the number converter link (given in Step 3 of the encoding process above), and repeat Step 3, but instead of converting from HEX to DEC, we're doing it the other way around. 3. Copy the resulting HEX code and paste into the HEX editor you're using. 4a. If the result is a link, copy the link and paste into your browser's address bar (best to examine the link first, in case of malware/CP). 4b. If the result is a file (i.e. it looks like gibberish in the "Decoded text" field), save it with a name reflecting the source page's title (i.e. if it's a keygen/crack, save it as [product name]_Keygen.exe). Check it with VirusTotal if you don't trust the source website. Delete if malware or CP. Here's an example ID, produced from "": 1100000004141947535 Make sure you put the IDs of your encoded links into a Pastebin paste or similar uploaded document with encode/decode instructions for backup/distribution purposes. Another possibility, if the number is relatively easy to factor (usually less than 140 digits), is to copy the prime factors (i.e. "17 4567 9043 260527 118318993678213 118344575811172420048687170089") instead of the ID. You can rearrange the factors (i.e. "17 118344575811172420048687170089 9043 118318993678213 4567 260527") if you want, to reduce the chance of copyright troll detection. I'm sure this will reduce the number of links taken down by a considerable amount. They'll likely be looking for actual links (or Base64-encoded strings), not prime factors (or 19-digit integers starting with 110000...). I think the prime factors method is more secure, as it doesn't always have the same length, unlike the DB ID method. There are plently of software tools out there for factoring numbers, of which the command-line tools YAFU and GGNFS are the easiest to set up (there are precompiled binaries available for both). If the number is too large, factoring it might not be feasible with current hardware, in which case the DB ID method is better.

Piracy 101 guide?
I have a NAS set up in my house with Open Media Vault installed. Is there a guide to getting set up torrenting? I just don't want to get into any trouble. I've never torrented before. Anybody have a guide or advice on how to start?

Let’s debunk this altogether— The Antares Auto Tune 7 Mac OS X Crack Thread
The seemingly endless quest continues. Where I currently stand— I have found and installed an authentic Antares Auto Tune 7 installer on a 2012 MBP running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. i’ve already tried overriding iLok by: - creating a ghost folder in path /Applications/iLok with copied lib “cracked” files— no dice. - adding a “cracked” folder to usr folder— also no dice. I’m able to *bounce* files in a very finicky manner, being cautious of adding the edit last as a plug-in before bouncing a stem, and it’s been 50/50 with functionality. I own authentic licenses of Waves Tune & Waves Tune Real-Time, yet, they just don’t provide that specific capability and smoothness that Antares has. I’ve tried a myriad of settings to try and get it to emulate, yet it fails to provide the specific sound I’m looking for. The issue at hand appears to be: - overriding iLok authentication/registration - force-booting a “full crack” offline - consistently running instances of Auto Tune 7 without having to walk on eggshells to get the plug-in to operate at the cracked level (where I’m currently at, it’s essentially just a bonafide “trial” I guess) Any/all help is beyond appreciated. Bonus: Auto Tune 5 would be more than ideal. I’m OK if I even need to purchase the original iLok USB hub because at this point I just want/need this to work, I’m just **not** paying $300+ for an Antares License. 🏴‍☠️

Sorry for the delay on registration approvals
I'm getting to them as they come in.

how to get Steam achievements for pirated games?
While I can easily afford Hogwarts Legacy, I don't want to support JK Rowling, so I will probably pirate the game. However, I'd still like to get Steam Achievements. Is it somehow possible to trick Steam into thinking I'm playing a game shared by Family Sharing or something?

how to share files in a group of friends?
Did you try [Tribler](, [RetroShare]( or [DC++]( We're currently using magic wormhole to send custom Linux ISOs and lecture resources from Uni around but would really like to have a nice interface where we can search files instead of requesting them manually. For our "studyflix" we use Jellyfin but it'd be nice if we didn't have separate instances to download from, but kind of a more automated approach. Thinking about the huge media libraries some of you pirates have, maybe you can help us out? Requirement would be that it's not publicly available since some of the material needs to be kept private due to personal information in lecture recordings.

Aiming to be the best source for your Piracy needs!

Request: Can someone please upload this 3D Elvis model somewhere so that others can download it for free?
I've been looking pretty much everywhere for a free, accurate, rigged Elvis Presley model, but I haven't been able to find one. Can someone please upload this one somewhere (i.e. as a torrent), so that others can download it for free? I especially need it for a personal game mod I'm making (for Midtown Madness 2), as I want to put a statue of him (with a custom pose) somewhere in the city I'm making. UPDATE: Also posted this request in SuprBay.

Shamelessly stolen from [reddit/r/piracy](

How do I check if my torrents are on a certain tracker?
Let's say I have a list of 10 files and I enter a new tracker and want to start seeding those files that already being shared on the tracker. How can I acheive that? Moreover, it would be useful to show which files do not have any seeder on the tracker where I could jump right in. Is there some script/ software for it?

P2P communities?
I'm trying to set up DC++ but it only works on my friend's router. I've tried a bunch of stuff. Is there a lemmy, discord, subreddit, any forum or community that would be able to help me troubleshoot?

How to install a pirated copy of Photoshop on my Windows 10 desktop
Can someone guide me on how to install a pirated copy of the current Photoshop Photo editing program on my desktop? I can't afford the subscription and teaching myself graphic design. I would very much appreciate this

Looking for the book “A Little Manual for Knowing”
ISBN 9781610977845 If anyone can point me to it that would be great, I've checked zlibrary,, oceanofpdf, pdfdrive and annas archive. Also did a filetype search for pdf on ddg nothing

Media reNamer - Your TV Series & movies organizer friend
MNamer is a free and open-source terminal tool to rename your TV series episodes and movies. Currently, it has integration support with TVDb and TvMaze for television episodes and TMDb and OMDb for movies. - It works on Linux/Mac and also on Windows if you use it via WSL. - GitHub repository: Example video I recorded showing how it works:

How to reverse engineer a torrent from a file?
Hi, I've got a file that I torrented (Linux distro .mkv). My goal is to seed that file again. I do not have the original torrent file anymore because I broke my server (multiple times) and lost data. Is there a tool that searches for the right torrent? The tool should create a hash and compare the file's hash with all the hashes of all the linux torrents from the sites I use. That's at least how I imagine such a tool would work. I got the torrent from a good private tracker and I was able to redownload the torrent file for that file but others were from public sources I can't find.

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