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Privacy extension spammed to hell by trolls and shills.
I'm just a regular user. I'm not affiliated with the creator of the extension. It came to my attention while updating my plugins, that one of my favorite plugins, [Block Cloudflare MITM Attack!](, is being reviewed bombed by trolls and shills. I don't have evidence, but this seems coordinated. Every day various "users" give 1 star to the extension. Now if that was just a bad extension or a bug or something, I'd be fine. But all they do is give a star that says nothing or says something vague in multiple languages. I tried contacting Mozilla but they did nothing about it. When it's obviously "downvoted" just because it works as intended. All this extension does is to block Clouflare MITM, as the name says, and pretty reliably. Now, if you think Cloudflare is a good company that deals honestly with private data, that's up for debate. But Cloudflare is a MITM. This is how Cloudflare works and using it gives them (and your website users) sensitive private data. [Cloudflare Privacy Policy]( shows they are in the business of selling personal data, some websites protected with Cloudflare can't be accessed without giving full java-script access and cookies, is hostile to Tor users and also [Crimeflare]( For those who don't know, this extension is an old fork extension of the [same name]( If you guys can help me spread on r/privacy subreddit that would be nice, too. I really hope this gets traction, also would be nice to see more users blocking Cloudflare and (hopefully) Imunify.

It's bullshit that they're getting away with this. A settle out of court is as good as nothing as far as legal punishments are concerned.

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The story that inspired inventing UFOs in the US
Great Moon Hoax of 1835 convinced the world of extraterrestrial life

Sensitive FBI, Interpol Info Leaked From Israeli Firm Cellebrite, Court Documents Show
[SENSITIVE FBI, INTERPOL INFO LEAKED FROM ISRAELI FIRM CELLEBRITE, COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW]( Sensitive and confidential information relating to intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies across the globe, including the FBI and Interpol, leaked from Israeli firm Cellebrite, according to court documents cleared for publication at Haaretz’s request. […](

> Google has a right to decide which users it wants to host. But it was Google’s incorrect algorithms, and Google’s failed human review process, which caused innocent people to be investigated by the police in these cases. It was also Google’s choice to destroy without warning and without due process these fathers’ email accounts, videos, photos, and in one case, telephone service. The consequences of the company’s error are not trivial.

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