At risk are the online digital resources of those who voluntarily make them available to all

Our investigation

Our objective is to assess whether this directive involves private entities that have decided to voluntarily and freely make online services available to anyone.

In essence, we propose to investigate whether the NIS 2 directive also applies to private individuals (natural persons, legal entities, associations, foundations) who, from the servers they administer, publicly expose services (or specific services) on the Internet free of charge, thus making them available to anyone with interest.

Excluded from this survey are entities that qualify as businesses in their configurations (small, medium, and large), so any other entity that carries out the activities identified in the NIS 2 directive for profit.


Letting regulators nose under the tent is bad. It might feel good to gotcha Twitter and Facebook, but they’re always coming for us next. :(

Indeed! It’s a dangerous and bigger game than anyone. At certain levels, there are great pressures, and sometimes there is also a lack of technical competence.

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