Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program.

We failed to publish the update last Friday as scheduled, so this update contains more changes than usual. We also added @dullbananas as maintainer for the Lemmy backend repo.

@matc-pub reduced the amount of data that needs to be fetched by the browser for rendering lemmy-ui, by loading only translations which are actually used.

@flamingo-cant-draw added a URL Blocklist, to prevent link spamming.

@SleeplessOne exposed Lemmy errors in the Rust API. In lemmy-ui he added a badge for number of local subscribers to a community and added a UI to see and edit community visibility. In the leptos UI, he made the UI use the lemmy-client crate for API requests.

@Nutomic fixed synchronization of featured posts. He added a ‘delete content’ checkbox for account deletion which was missing from previous releases. He also fixed various bugs related to password reset, signed fetch from Mastodon, search listing type, password reset and 2FA. He updated the federation library with security improvements. Added dont require leading ! or @ for webfinger resolve. Fixed video thumbnail generation.. Added including an apub hashtag with a post.

@Dessalines added a new API endpoint for users to hide posts. He made various moderation improvements, such as removing content from local communities when a remote user is banned or purged, viewing mod action history and report history for specific posts and comments. Additionally he added an alt_text field for posts, and a new user setting for vote display mode. Also added extra fields to PostReport and CommentReport views. Has also, along with @MV-GH, been making many improvements to Jerboa.

In personal news, @nutomic’s daugher will be born next month. Afterwards he will take a break from Lemmy to take care of her for some months.

Support development

@dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations.

If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider donating to support its development. Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us.