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Searching Lemmyverse is good for finding communities. ! is also a nice tool for finding new places.

I posted this on the other site but I thought I’d copy over here too, lots of good communities around to subscribe to if you want a more casual/fun frontpage that isn’t just tech news, elon musk, or politics.

note: all of these communities have posts. If they appear empty, it simply means nobody on the instance you use has visited them before (or you might have blocked them and forgot, I’ve done it before, lol)! I will try to keep this thread updated over time.

Note: if you wish to auto-subscribe to all of the communities below, I have a post in the comments that describes how to do so.

My rough criterion was:

  • Of interest to me or a wide audience
  • Has a decent amount of activity
  • Casual / fun / interesting / cool / funny / chatty communities.
  • 0 negativity/negative vibes, news, politics, overload of tech or niche tech news/info, etc.


  • Conversation Communities - for chatty places
    • “ask” based
    • Casual chat / Misc
  • Hobbies, Creative, Passions
    • Misc
    • Artwork
    • Cooking, food, drinks
    • Gardening / Plants
    • Keyboard enthusiasts
    • Knitting, stitching, crocheting, etc
    • Reading and writing
  • Nice/Interesting/Funny pictures
    • Animals
    • Comics
    • Flags
    • Maps
    • Memes
    • Misc
    • Photography
    • Wallpapers
  • Games
    • Board games / Table top games
    • Chess
    • Crosswords / Daily games
    • Video games
  • Knowledge (e.g history, science, etc)
  • Space
  • TV (television, movies, film)
  • Music

Conversation communities

These are places that are ‘chatty’, good if you want a lot of comments.

“ask” based
Casual chat / Misc

Hobbies, Creative, Passions


(see also the list under the Wallpapers header)

Cooking, food, drinks

Generally mostly nice pics of food:

Gardening / Plants
Keyboard enthusiasts
Knitting, Stitching, Crocheting, etc
Reading and Writing

Honestly there are so many sport communities around - if you search Lemmyverse for popular sports, you will almost certainly find more.

Nice/Interesting/Funny pictures


Literally just pictures of cute animals.


Meme communities in general can overload your feed, so keep that in mind.



Board Games / Table top games

The instance has a lot of communities based around table top gaming & RPGs.

Crosswords / Daily games
Video Games

Knowledge (e.g history, science)


TV (television), movies, film


Lots of music communities on Lemmy. Search Lemmyverse for genres of interest for more, this definitely isn’t exhaustive.

Note that music communities generally have low comment counts, from my experience.

There’s also:


These communities have been removed from the list for not maintaining activity.