Its been a long time coming 🥳 .

Excerpt from the link:

Major Changes

Language Tags

Content can now be tagged to indicate the language it is written in. These tags can be used to filter content, so that you only see posts in languages which you actually understand. Instances and communities can also specify which languages are allowed, and prevent posting in other languages.

In the future this will also allow for integrated translation tools.

Comment trees

Lemmy has changed the way it stores comments, in order to be able to properly limit the comments shown to a maximum depth.

Included are proper comment links (/comment/id), where you can see its children, a count of its hidden children, and a context button to view its parents, or the post.

Featured posts

Admins and mods can now “feature” (this used to be called “sticky” ala reddit) posts to the top of either a community, or the top of the front page. This makes possible announcement and bulletin-type posts.

Special thanks to @makotech for adding this feature.


Lemmy users can now be followed. Just visit a user profile from another platform like Mastodon, and click the follow button, then you will receive new posts and comments in the timeline.

Votes are now federated as private. This prevents other platforms from showing who voted on a given post, and it also means that Lemmy now counts votes from Mastodon.

This release also improves compatibility with Pleroma. If you previously had trouble interacting between Pleroma and Lemmy, give it another try.

We’ve extracted the main federation logic into its own library, activitypub-federation-rust. It is open source and can be used by other projects to implement Activitypub federation, without having to reinvent the wheel. The library helps with handling HTTP signatures, sending and receiving activities, fetching remote objects and more.

Other changes

  • Admins can now purge content and pictures from the database.
  • Mods can distinguish a comment, “stickying” it to the top of a post. Useful for mod messages and announcements.
  • Number of new / unread comments are now shown for each post.
  • Lemmy now automatically embeds videos from Peertube, Youtube and other sites which provide an embed link via Opengraph attribute.
  • You can give your site “taglines”, short markdown messages, which are shown at the top of your front page. Thanks to @makotech for adding this.
  • You can now report private messages.
  • Most settings have been moved from the config file into the database. This means they can be updated much easier, and apply immediately without a restart.
  • When setting up a new Lemmy instance, it doesn’t create a default community anymore. Instead this needs to be done manually.
  • Admins can choose to receive emails for new registration applications.
  • An upgrade of diesel to v2.0, our rust -> postgres layer.