I take lots of notes, so I’ve made them into a cheat sheet, and stuck them on my website.

Why not use existing documentation?

I want a more chronological order. If you curl cht.sh/git, you find stash is covered before committing, and there is no init or clone, so at that point you don’t actually have a git to work with.

I’m also not a fan of documentation explaining what something does. This is meant to be for people who already know what something does (why else would you be looking for docs on it?), and just want to know the basic commands to set up and start.

I want docs that give you the bare bones in ~5 minutes, with the assumption that man pages and Stack Exchange will take care of advanced usage.

I’ve worked on making it more accessible, but it’s still a work in progress. If you’d like to make a correction, or add a program, the whole thing is on a git, here. PRs are welcome.