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Thanks, I’ve never heard of it, but sure will give it a try!

Only caveat is that I’m forced to use Windows at work, where I’ll remain without said tooling assistance. But that might be something I’ll just have to endure.

The problem is that KeePassXC needs to specifically allow types of browsers to connect to its database, and while Firefox and all other usual suspects are there, Librewolf isn’t and so the add-on can’t connect to KeePassXC.

Unfortunately, Librewolf is not among the list of supported browsers, so I’m back to copy & paste again.

Fwiw, believe you can self host that thing, which takes your passwords out of the hands of said cloud provider.

It’s been usable in the Chrome family of browsers for a while. I wouldn’t want to do any production work this way, but imagine e.g. using a midi controller to interact with some other piece of equipment, connected through a browser. That’s kinda neat in my opinion.

Will take some time because the VM is at work and I’m on parental leave 😉

I might actually use this at least in a virtual machine.

French is inefficient in the sense that you write a lot more letters than you speak, but to my knowledge it’s at least consistent - unlike this JavaScript of spoken languages.

Honestly, I’ve never witnessed anybody really getting those two concepts mixed up, but countless times heard ramblings about people who supposedly do.

At least not a iota less than any crack witch doctor selling above product 🤡

Money can exist outside a ledger. Bitcoin can’t, it literally is the ledger, and therefore not money.