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Police police police police police police police police.

That’s why the fun part happened in October.

Back in the day I used to do that for friends/family and I have seen machines with hundreds. The Kazaa and Limewire days of the internet were the most prolific virus spreading periods.

Extremely important.

Oh god oh fuck there’s a US flag with a fucking eagle on it for the first ten seconds of the video this is going to be really really shit. They’ve even pointed a fan at it to make it flap in the wind IN FUCKING DOORS.

Be back with views on it later after I’ve finished this and rotted my brain.

EDIT: Alright so this is pretty bad. This fuck wants to tighten copyright law, improve the strength of DMCAs and improve the ability for people to make copyright strikes and claims against content. He wants to INCREASE everything that content creators have complained about on youtube for YEARS, and he is weaponising the current anti-Russia sentiment as a means of pursuing it because RT have used some of public domain clips that he also used and edited. There’s some merit to his unhappiness with RT and their throwing their weight around to prevent youtube unceremoniously applying their stupid 3 strikes policy to them… However the framing here is a weapon being used to prevent pushback about something that would otherwise be widely regarded by most youtubers as a terrible fucking thing for content creators as a whole. The vast majority of youtubers hate the fucking DMCA claims and the restrictions that copyright laws place upon their content creation and creativity.

It’s weaponised nationalism for the purposes of making copyright shit worse than it already is when in reality copyright being weakened (or preferably gotten rid of entirely) would be a good thing.

Atlas Shrugged is a great book.

Lmao no it’s not, have you actually read it? It is a long and incredibly boring mess. It is drawn out and incredibly badly written to the point of being one of the biggest chores to read ever, it is absolutely filled with multi-page character monologues about how the world would be a great place if literally everyone in it was the biggest piece of shit ever.

All you need to read is the introduction to Hank Reardon to understand Ayn Rand. Skip the rest because it will bore the fuck out of you.

Hank Rearden is introduced as the Ubermensch industrialist, a titan of industry, who has just invented a new type of steel alloy (rather, he takes credit for the invention by his scientists) that’s twice as strong but half as heavy. In his introduction we get to see it through his eyes and what you learn is: he’s a miserable fuck who thinks his wife is a terrible shrew for having the gall to get annoyed that he wasn’t present for the wedding anniversary that she invited him to, and that when he finally does show up, he gifts her a bracelet described as being ugly and brutalist made out of his new steel… then gets even more annoyed when she doesn’t seem thrilled by it.

And you too can become an objectivist today! You too can be a miserable fuck who hates anyone that has the gall to ask for a little bit of your time and emotional support! You too can steal other people’s work!

Shit ideology but also a shit book. The most common complaint is that it’s BORING. Even Ursual K Le Guin said so.

“What books didn’t influence me?” she writes. “If only someone would ask that! I’ve been waiting for years to answer it. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand, I will say, had absolutely no influence on me except to cause hours of incredulous boredom. I thought in all fairness I ought to try The Fountainhead. I gave up on page 10.”


Fighting Lemmy isn’t the answer. Fighting the brainworms within it is. Attacking Lemmy itself in this way has the danger of leading towards wide support among the userbase (of both instances) for defederating the two, an action that would have significant consequences on future growth and ultimately harm both instances and the goals of the left.