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  • I’m struggling to transition still, honestly… Windows visualised as a street gives me access to all the shops and window browsing I need, everyone wants to be there and get my attention, and despite the masses of intrusive advertising and shady people around every corner watching me, I don’t have to actively navigate the street itself very much. It’s a dystopian street of neon distractions and side hustles but you can mostly shut it out and walk.

    Linux as a street is a lot barer, the street is cleaner and less intrusive, I’m not being watched from the alleyways… but there are knee high walls every few meters, there are open manhole covers here and there, and I have to actively persuade some shops to let me in or even open.

    I don’t walk down a paved street for the joy of navigating an assault course, I walk down it to get places with the least amount of friction possible and I just can’t seem to get that from Linux yet. Then again Windows would like to start stopping me every few meters and asking intrusive questions or hocking me tat, so my move is inevitable.