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  • Privacy based advertizing:

    1. Develop ad

    2. Think about what websites your target demographic will probably frequent. (Be creative, dear marketing person! You can do it! This is the essence of what you’re getting paid for!)

    3. Pay those sites to display your ad


    Forget about the technical details and whether the user understands what it is.

    No. Why? It’s simple. They are collecting data I don’t want the ad networks to have instead of the ad networks and give it to the ad networks. That’s only more private than the status quo if I’m okay with them to have this data and trust them to handle it responsibly. Which I have no reason to.

    which is why they correctly say that the user won’t understand the Feature.

    See explanation above. That’s not too complicated to explain to a person that managed to turn on the computer. It only gets complicated when you try to follow the mental gymnastics you need to think this feature adds privacy for anybody.

  • Sadly, tracking is the only way to perform attribution without help from the browser. Tracking is terrible for privacy, because it gives companies detailed information about what you do online. While Firefox includes many privacy protections that make it more difficult for sites to track you online (Enhanced Tracking Protection, Total Cookie Protection, Query Parameter Stripping, and many other measures), there’s a huge incentive for sites to find ways around these in order to perform attribution. Our hope is that if we develop a good attribution solution, it will offer a real alternative to more objectionable practices like tracking.

    “Our hope is, that if we transfer the bank robber some of our money in advance, they’ll not come in and rob all of it.”

    No! Jail the fucker!

  • Classical green cope pattern, btw: “The people have a good heart but the devil of carbon is whispering in their ear”.

    You’re misrepresenting me, I never said anybody had a good heart. People are hypocrites. In theory they are all for the greater good as long as their own personal cost is zero.

    Secondly: Sleeper trains and ferries exist. In principle you can fall asleep in Spandau and wake up in Alma.

    And how is that relevant to what I said? What point are you trying to make here? You can also bike to work, many people still prefer to drive.

    Who the fuck thought mandating houses to get individual heat pump installations was a good idea

    First, nobody ever planned to mandate that. It’s a lie made up by Bild and the FDP. From the very beginning the only thing the heating law was going to mandate was that your heating had to run on 60% (I believe, don’t cite me on the exact number) CO2 neutral energy. Heat pumps are just automatically assumed to fulfill this condition, regardless of the current energy mix in Germany. But it was always going to be up to you how you fulfilled this condition.

    Second, it IS a good idea. You can instantly lose one entire set of pipes going into your home and you instantly more than halve your carbon emissions even with the current energy mix. Yes it works, yes it also works in a cold winter, and no you don’t have to instantly insulate your entire home, renew your roof and all your internal piping. At least not if you don’t live in a farm house from the 1930s that never had any work done.


    Thing is: Ask scientists, they’re saying district heating is the much better solution.

    Which is an option and would have been an option under the original law.

    Also, what actual scientist says that, as an absolute, no “ifs”, no conditions?

    Because the thing is, if your district heating runs on fossils, which most do, it does jack shit to combat carbon emissions and helps exactly zero.

    Also, getting hooked up to district heating isn’t free either.

    It also doesn’t help if your city maybe sorta plans to start planning district heating to be eventually implemented some time in the 2090s, but only if we have enough money and the next 20 governments don’t change the plan along the way. Emissions need to be reduced now, not some day in the future if we feel like it. Decentralized solutions are faster and can be implemented by individuals without waiting for political decisions that could happen in 10 years or never.

    This is an excuse to not have to act, nothing more.